My Favorite Quotes
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 Boris Gryzlov - “Such an organization as the OSCE should help tackle this issue,”
 Boris Gryzlov - “We will have an opportunity to discuss in depth the key aspects of interaction between Russia and Uzbekistan with President Islam Karimov, as well as with the speakers of both houses of the Uzbek parliament.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “These paintings are kept in Russia, in Moscow, but they are the achievements of all citizens of the planet, and they are inviolable,”
 Boris Gryzlov - “It will be impossible to maintain the peace process.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “One has to acknowledge that some of the demands and claims made by our WTO negotiating partners are fair. Fakes on Russia's domestic market are, indeed, assuming menacing proportions.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “Despite criticism in the press, we can see that the idea of the New Year holidays has justified itself. Our two-year experience confirms this.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “I believe that the process of Russia's accession to the WTO should be only favorable. If accession conditions do not suit our country, than it accession will be delayed for a long period.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “The Public Chamber represents a wide range of public associations across the country. Many members of the Public Chamber are people who are well known and respected both in the country and abroad. There are all grounds for the Chamber to make its decisions, recommendations and initiatives fully reflect the opinion of the Russian public.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “It is important to take an objective view of the advantages offered by WTO membership, as well as the possible risks involved. We do not need WTO membership at any price. There must be no compromise here.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “There are no other - compromise - solutions - they say perhaps we'll join by accepting terms disadvantageous for Russia... It must not happen.”
 Boris Gryzlov - “We have a reason to celebrate. Ahead of the decisive battle, they decided to join the party.”