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 Joseph Grzywacz - “Culturally based beliefs about health and appropriate strategies for maintaining health may provide better explanations for ethnic difference in home remedy use.”
 Joseph Grzywacz - “Ethnic differences in beliefs about the meaning of illness, appropriate approaches for health management and individual responsibility for health may explain why black and Native American elders are more likely to use home remedies than white elders.”
 Joseph Grzywacz - “Home remedy use is widespread among elder adults regardless of ethnicity, suggesting that older adults find some benefit in these practices and they play an important role in elders' overall strategy for health management.”
 Joseph Grzywacz - “Family ambivalence inherent in migration is associated with poorer mental health among Latino men. We found that the anxiety can be exacerbated when they are unable to call relatives in Mexico frequently.”
 Joseph Grzywacz - “Farm work can be a hazardous environment and if workers have anxiety or depression, they may fail to take appropriate precautions to prevent occupational health injuries.”