My Favorite Quotes
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 Carl Guardino - “He's singing our tune. Now the federal government has to put the money in the juke box.”
 Carl Guardino - “Many of those founders were not only engineers but immigrants.”
 Carl Guardino - “We all know that Silicon Valley is the top tech region of the world. The message is that we are not the only tech region of the world.”
 Carl Guardino - “If there was a giant sucking sound a few years ago, the sound is now a collective sigh of relief.”
 Carl Guardino - “I had to wait six years to hear about long-term investment. But it was good to hear it.”
 Carl Guardino - “The Silicon Valley economy is slowly coming back. That's good news for everyone except those who rent U-haul trailers.”
 Carl Guardino - “I was heartened by the amount of time he spent talking about competitiveness. To hear him focus on math and science, especially in middle school and high school, was terrific.”
 Carl Guardino - “If the county does a quarter-cent tax increase and transportation leaders do a quarter-cent, the voters are confused. But if the county, city and transportation leaders put their shoulders to the wheel for a half-cent tax, the measure wins.”
 Carl Guardino - “It's a huge issue for every high-tech company.”
 Carl Guardino - “If the conditions are right to mount a campaign for a quarter-cent transportation sale tax ballot measure in November 2006, we will need the leadership and guidance of thoughtful elected officials such as yourself. We hope you will join us in this effort.”
 Carl Guardino - “Two out of three middle school math teachers in California don't even have a math degree.”
 Carl Guardino - “This report attempts to provide a dose of both reality and humility to business and community leaders. It reminds us that our competition is not only on the other side of the globe, but also next door - in our sister states.”