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 Alex Tanguay - “We got caught sleeping. We've been playing so well in the first period over the course of the last 10 games and tonight, maybe we were a little over confident.”
 Alex Tanguay - “You saw the fans. Everybody just stood up and was anxious to get it going. I think it's good for hockey.”
 Alex Tanguay - “It took a good bounce.”
 Alex Tanguay - “Even though the potential is there, I don't think he was playing nearly as well as he's been this year. He's good saving the puck, and playing it too.”
 Alex Tanguay - “I felt like we certainly got a lot of breaks and have been very fortunate. They're a very good hockey team and this series could easily be 2-1 the other way. But we're getting the bounces right now, we're skating well, and for us to be successful we have to keep working harder and harder.”
 Alex Tanguay - “We just didn't want to see the same thing happen as we did last week. This was an important win for us and this is a very important home stretch for us.”
 Alex Tanguay - “I've always tried to improve,”
 Erik Guay - “It was really icy and there was flat light, but I'm happy with it. There are a lot of really strong guys here. I definitely am looking for a top-five in (Saturday's) downhill and would be really happy with a win.”
 Alex Tanguay - “My goal is to help the team as much as possible, and the All-Star Game is just a bonus. It's going to be fun for me. It's going to be my first time seeing all those stars on the ice -- not that I don't see many of them in our locker room every day -- but it's going to be nice to be there.”
 Alex Tanguay - “Just seeing his work ethic I think has been the best thing for me. I'm learning something every day at practice every game. The way he works, the way he prepares himself every day. I think that's important for a young kid like me and it's great to be able to learn from a guy like that.”
 Alex Tanguay - “It's not the first time, I've had it before and it usually comes back quicker and, hopefully, it will come back quicker. A couple years ago, I came back and I'm not sure I was quite ready. This year, I'm going to be ready and, hopefully, that's going to be very soon.”
 Alex Tanguay - “This team over the years has always been through a stretch where we won 13 or 14 out of 15 or 16 games. That's what we need to do right now.”
 Alex Tanguay - “He's a rookie, but he's 23 years old. He's had some pro experience, he's played a couple years in Hershey (of the American Hockey League). ... So I think he's a little bit more mature than people think he is.”
 Alex Tanguay - “It's never happened in this organization since I've been here, so it's going to be a gut-check. We have to approach every game as if it was a playoff game and we need to win every single one of them.”
 Alex Tanguay - “For us, it's a matter of getting ready for next Friday's or next Saturday's game and that's when the real season starts. We would have liked to have been higher in the standings but this is a new season that starts next week.”
 Erik Guay - “There's no way I could make it. I tried skiing this morning and had too much pain. I didn't think it was possible to compete on it.”
 Erik Guay - “I'm really disappointed. I've been training for so long and just for that, and not to be able to compete is really frustrating. ... There's no way I would make it. I would have to ski on one leg pretty much.”
 Alex Tanguay - “You have to get a lot of traffic in front of the guy's face so they can't see the puck. And you have to make sure you take as many shots as possible. That's going to be our strategy.”
 Alex Tanguay - “We have to make sure we hold on to that (the lead). In the playoffs it's really important that once you are up by one or two (goals) that the game is over.”
 Alex Tanguay - “We're still way behind them (six points) in the standings, so I think we have to be aware of that, ... We knew it was going to be an important weekend for us, and they're a very good hockey team, so we have to make sure we're ready.”
 Alex Tanguay - “We missed a lot of opportunities, especially in the third, on the power play. In the playoffs, the games are often won on the power play and penalty kill. And our penalty kill has been great.”
 Alex Tanguay - “I haven't done much stop and starts but probably will over the next few days. Hopefully, I'd like to come back as soon as possible and play as many games as possible before the playoffs.”
 Alex Tanguay - “I watched the last couple days. It was good hockey. A lot of guys have their opinions about who should be on the team and who shouldn't. I have mine, some other guys have theirs. I get paid here, and I know what I have to do. I know I can do a lot more in the last 23 games, and it's time for me to play better.”
 Alex Tanguay - “The problems we've had the last few games was not getting in the zone. Tonight we set it up and generated good chances. We had a good power play and should have had a few more goals.”
 Alex Tanguay - “These are real important games right now. Tonight, the power play worked really well.”

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