My Favorite Quotes
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 Ron Guenther - “What I thought is what I got,”
 Ron Guenther - “You think you're doing a great job. All of a sudden, you're released. We know pressure. You have to win. But I've articulated to our people, 'You've got time.' I'm interested in building a solid program.”
 Jeff Guenther - “I know from Day 1, the first time we met over summer, we talked about the possibility of competing for a sectional. That's what Benton Central basketball's all about. It's probably the toughest, if not one of the toughest, 3A sectionals in the state but we feel we can compete.”
 Jeff Guenther - “A couple times we pushed her out a little bit outside of what I thought her range was. A couple of them we had a hand in her face. She just had an outstanding performance.”
 Ron Guenther - “Paula Smith has been an outstanding coach and an exceptional representative for the University of Illinois.”
 Jeff Guenther - “We felt like if we could keep it close, we had a chance. And early, we did. But they've got so many weapons and just hit big shot after big shot.”
 Jeff Guenther - “I don't think you can be the head girls or boys coach and not feel some pressure. That is not a negative. There are high expectations and you get kids who are going to work at it.”
 Ron Guenther - “The first thing you notice about Ron (Zook) is that he is the ultimate high-energy guy. Losing like we had been doing takes a lot of energy out of your program. Ron has done a terrific job of selling himself and Illinois football. He and his assistants work as hard as any group I've ever seen.”
 Jeff Guenther - “They've just got too many weapons. Every time we made a run to try and make it close, they came right back at us with another big run.”
 Ron Guenther - “I think Ron learned a lot from his experience at Florida. I'm not a big rules guy, but there are things about discipline, structure and academic standards that you have to have straight from the start. Ron knows how Illinois works, and it's never the coach that changes the coach but the school that changes the coach.”
 Ron Guenther - “We discovered, we investigated and we acted strongly and decisively with all parties involved. This is a perfect example of how a student-athlete in need can form a relationship with an individual outside our control and without our knowledge, and then accept benefits that should not have been accepted.”
 Ron Guenther - “The department has invested large amounts of resources in facilities, scholarships and coaches in our Olympic sports. The inability to host NCAA competition would have an unbelievably negative effect on our programs.”
 Herb Guenther - “This is a major step forward for relations among the seven states. I don't think we've been in agreement on this many varied details and complicated issues for as far back as I can remember.”
 Jeff Guenther - “There's got to be some advantages. It's our floor, we know it, we don't have the travel. But playing West Side is a war. They're well-coached and they're talented. What little adversity we have is probably negated by the fact that it's a sectional.”