My Favorite Quotes
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 Jim Guerard - “Experience shows that the use of video, audio, interactivity and motion provide the most engaging online experience available today. The outstanding Web site that AEG has produced, powered by Adobe technology, will help AEG build global awareness for this race and ensure that the event grows in popularity in the coming years.”
 Jim Guerard - “As we look at the longer term, some of the trends we see are for rich media. Over the last 12 to 18 months we've seen an explosion in growth-rich media instead of static media.”
 Jim Guerard - “One of the key challenges is how to make After Effects powerful enough for experienced users, but still accessible to newer users.”
 Jim Guerard - “Adobe's tools enable filmmakers to tell their stories and realize their filmmaking vision, engaging audiences worldwide. By providing comprehensive, cost effective solutions that support the entire workflow from conceptualization through delivery with professional quality results from HDV to SD to HD and Flash Video, we look forward to empowering this generation of independent filmmakers.”
 Jim Guerard - “Companies today must leverage the Web as a means of staying competitive, innovative, and in-touch with their customers. Leading companies like Oracle, Scion, and Harris Publications have used Studio 8 with great success, creating some outstanding content and applications that put them ahead of the competition.”