My Favorite Quotes
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 Andy Gugliemini - “We worked so hard to wear (Brown) out, and then he just took that break. But that's the hand (Flanagan) was dealt, and now he's got to deal with it.”
 Andy Gugliemini - “We want to get to him through. I'd like to get him on the podium. That's a promise I made to him. . . . I'd like to try to keep my word.”
 Andy Gugliemini - “We've kept these trophies the last 10 years. Nobody else has got them, and I don't plan on anyone else getting them.”
 Andy Gugliemini - “His concentration is on wrestling and off cutting weight, which is so important.”
 Andy Gugliemini - “It's very hard to get on that podium. It's not just practicing two hours . . . And all the guys standing up there bought into that.”