My Favorite Quotes
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 Yeng Guiao - “We had two good wins so far but I'm not totally convinced that were already out of a slump.”
 Yeng Guiao - “It's what you call 'Red Bull mentality' and it was molded through time.”
 Yeng Guiao - “We were a championship team before the slide, but the management was committed to rebuilding the team.”
 Yeng Guiao - “Our loss to San Miguel was a wake-up call for us. If we want to be contenders, we have to beat teams at their best. And the guys really wanted to be contenders.”
 Yeng Guiao - “Chandler plays with a lot of emotion. If that emotion rubs off on the team, they play well.”
 Yeng Guiao - “Chandler has been a problem for the past five games and he's not going away in Game 6.”
 Yeng Guiao - “We have to review if there's a need to tinker with our present lineup. If there is, we need to get the right combinations quick to find the answer to this slide.”