My Favorite Quotes
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 Michael Guido - “With crude oil strong above 60, it's going to help the inflationary aspect of gold.”
 Michael Guido - “You're seeing new money put to use in the gold market. It's just the whole alternative investment, bullish mentality driving new allocations.”
 Michael Guido - “You're bringing in a new segment into the market that was never there. A lot of investor money is pouring into gold and commodities. It's become a valid asset class.”
 Michael Guido - “This was like we could get right into the house right before the event,”
 Michael Guido - “It's really become a weather dominated market right now.”
 Michael Guido - “People vote with their feet. If they feel they're not getting something valuable, then they move (out). If they feel they're getting something good, then they move in.”
 Michael Guido - “While the MEAP scores are not necessarily a reflection of the school system, in general it's the only measurement people look at,”
 Michael Guido - “It's such a big psychological target ... The question is how many people want to take a profit at this point.”
 Michael Guido - “It's an important document, the charter, ... Hopefully the people running are doing this for noble reasons, like keeping Dearborn a great place, and not for their own agendas.”
 Michael Guido - “You're seeing new money put to use in the gold market, ... It's just the whole alternative investment, bullish mentality driving new allocations.”
 Michael Guido - “We want to make sure the school system gives the best education possible, ... (But) I'm not going to tell Dr. Artis how to run the school system that's his and the school board's decision.”
 Al DiGuido - “So much of retailers focus goes into acquiring new customers that they often ignore a gold mine of opportunities within their existing customer base. Whenever a bill is presented to a customer via e-mail, the retailer has another opportunity to not only reduce costs and strengthen customer loyalty, but also to provide the customer with relevant and valued offers that can incite additional purchasing. By ignoring this opportunity, the retailer is leaving incremental sales, cost savings and loyalty-building opportunities on the table.”
 Al DiGuido - “There is little doubt that relevant and timely e-mail communications are becoming evermore central to the development of successful integrated marketing programs that build and accelerate long-term profitable customer relationships. We are excited to move forward as an integrated company that provides an incredible client base with access to best-of-breed e-mail solutions surrounded by an incredible team of the most talented minds in the e-mail industry on a global basis.”
 Al DiGuido - “They're not putting a gun to anyone's head. Every six months, the postal service is adding another 2 cents to postal rates. And e-mail is now 3 to 4 per thousand. These fees won't change the business dynamic.”
 Al DiGuido - “Marketers should look to refine, address and deliver more relevant content based on inbound customer inquiries and business rules to further improve the customer relationship and messaging consistency across channels.”
 Al DiGuido - “Our latest research confirms a major change in consumers behavior as it relates to the way they choose to interact with the brands they love and trust. For retailers with a credit card offering, this represents an enormous opportunity to craft relevant, timely e-mail communications that not only save costs but generate incremental revenue opportunities and customer satisfaction. The retailers who fail to capitalize on this opportunity will soon find themselves losing market share to those who are more actively offering and promoting this service to their most loyal of customers.”
 Michael Guido - “There's a lot of inflow into silver in anticipation of the ETF.”
 Michael Guido - “The euro has broken out against the dollar with a couple of rate hikes ahead. That's lifting gold.”
 Michael Guido - “The facts will become clear when the band files its answer--and cross-claim. He was an absentee manager. He breached his agreement and his fiduciary duties.”