My Favorite Quotes
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 Aaron Guiel - “I would say not real good, but it's one game.”
 Aaron Guiel - “I just had a couple good swings. Costa has hit the ball pretty good all spring.”
 Aaron Guiel - “I've never played hockey, it was a lucky shot, I had no idea where it was going.”
 Aaron Guiel - “The fate of our season was decided a long time ago. We're a young, rebuilding team. It's important that we correct our mistakes going into next season so we have something to look forward to.”
 Aaron Guiel - “At this time of year you are not playing for wins and losses. You are playing for development and experience.”
 Aaron Guiel - “These are still no answers. I walked out of that room in utter shock. I was told they had a meeting, and it was unanimous that Shane had more weapons off the bench than me.”
 Aaron Guiel - “It's an extremely competitive team. Also, we are a feeder team for the big league club. There are a lot of guys that can pack their bags, get to Kansas City and really help them out.”