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 Mark Guilbeau - “All along we've been practicing very specifically with each individual player. If you focus on the specific needs of each player it adds up for the whole team. We're trying to build each player's game around their best skills. Our overall philosophy is centered on consistency first. You don't have to win every point.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “The first thing we have to do is prioritize Florida State. I'm not even thinking about Miami or who's even on Sunday. I think we learned from the N.C. State match that we need to take it one at a time. The first part of preparing for this weekend is respecting Florida State and their desire to come here and beat us.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “We are really happy for the kids and were impressed with their level of play today. Richmond is a solid squad and we had to play well to beat them. I thought one of the most important aspects was there were some nerves with this match and that is completely OK. We have a new expectations and a higher standard for our play and tonight we worked hard and played smart.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “It doesn't matter how much milk you spill, just so long as you don't lose the cow.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “What we try to do with new opponents is make it a positive. It's a new place and a new environment. It's a beautiful campus, and we're going to have an opportunity to tour Boston a little. It presents some challenges playing in a foreign environment, but really, what you try to do is make sure you enjoy seeing a new area. Then you put all that away and play the match.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “Miami has produced results which speak to them being a great team. We've done a little bit of the same, but we can't control what Florida State or Miami will do. However, we can certainly try to play on their weaknesses. Hopefully we know what we can do and what we can control.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “I think our morale and confidence is good right now and certainly winning helps that. Overall the team knows that the work they put in has led to some real good results and rewards for them. I think our morale and confidence is as high as it could possibly be.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “Boston College is not a pushover at all. Potentially, we could have been that team this season, you never know. This conference is very tough. I know their players, and our players know their players. This is a team that was probably just as good as we were in the fall. There won't be an easy point played. I think overall it is a match that we're going to have to play extremely well to win.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “She's got a lot she can bring to this team. But at the same time, it's very clear that this team is on a mission and a lot of kids can do it.”
 Mark Guilbeau - “All we're focused on is Virginia Tech. We're going to review our notes from the previous match. Unfortunately, looking ahead is a great mistake that young kids make. They can get a little ahead of themselves. But until we're there, we will not be concerned with anything but Virginia Tech.”