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 Ozzie Guillen - “I want to give him back-to-back days playing. I want to keep him sharp. I want him to feel confident and ready to go for the future.”
 Carlos Guillen - “It feels better. What I want to do is come back before the end of the season and at least give it a test in games.”
 Carlos Guillen - “This was one of the best games we've had pitched against us.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “He is the one who is throwing the ball better. That's why, for the next couple of weeks, I can't please players, I have to win games.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “We had (Bobby) Jenks up and I just went by Mark to see how he feels, ... He told me the last inning he felt good and I looked at his arm and talked to Cooper about it and said, Well, you're throwing the ball well. Just give it another one and see what happens.'”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I think Mark is one of the most underrated pitchers in the game now. Hopefully with this playoff and the World Series people will give him the recognition.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “Either way we set the rotation, there are a lot of guys who are going to take nine or 10 days off. You have to figure out how to give these guys (fewer) days, but it's impossible to do it.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “If something happened to one of the Venezuelan players, they got hurt, they can't play anymore, they won't give one (bleep) about them. But if they don't play, they will criticize them.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “We came back and that's something I feel good about. We never give up.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “The game will give you a nice stuff, but your kids are going to be there forever,”
 Ozzie Guillen - “Carl is a veteran. We know what to expect from him. When you play this game long enough and believe in your players, you can't give up that easily.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I think he's ready to move on and be on the roster. I don't know if I'll play him or not. I'm not sure. Maybe I'll give him another day.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “My philosophy is give me the best pitching staff you can give me and everything else we can figure out.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I think he's a Gold Glove third baseman and we expect a lot from him.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “should be a Gold Glove winner.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “This isn't golf. It's supposed to be loud.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I was screaming, 'No, no, no,' and then, 'That a boy, good job,'”
 Jose Guillen - “I was looking for a good pitch to hit. He just made some good pitches. You've got to tip your hat to him. He pitched a great game and they beat us again.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “When you score seven runs you expect to win. Garland just fell apart for a couple of innings. Obviously it's not a good outing.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “On paper we look really strong. We have another year to compete. Hopefully we stay healthy. I think we have another good year.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “He's got a good fastball and good breaking ball, but I don't think he has enough guts. I want him to be more aggressive.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I think its really disappointing. Jim Thome did a lot of good things for this town. It was kind of embarrassing. I was really surprised.”
 Jose Guillen - “There's no player here who can tell me they don't go through a bad habit during BP and take that to the game and have to go to the cages and fix that stuff. That happens to everybody.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I don't criticize people who were booing because we went from a 15-game lead to one or two. On the other hand, when you win that many games and people are criticizing and criticizing, it takes the fun away.”
 Ozzie Guillen - “I hate Wrigley Field. We'd have to win seven World Series in a row.”

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