My Favorite Quotes
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 Buddy Guillory - “I think everyone was shocked on how lopsided it was. We had players that were having to give a lot of strokes to players on their home course and still were able to win a lot of those matches.”
 Ferrell Guillory - “In general, what they allow folks like me to do is take what I've learned and the resources of the university and connect them to the greater society.”
 Ferrell Guillory - “The lottery has become the white noise of society. It doesn't stand out as it once would have. As long as people here keep the lottery cool and don't offend the North Carolina sensibility as long as it doesn't get tacky I think it'll come off fairly well here.”
 Doug Guillory - “He's a three year starter for us who knows how and when to make crucial tackles throughout the game.”
 Doug Guillory - “The kids all know each other, and it's a very competitive game. There's no doubt the winner of this game has the upper hand in district. It's a big game, no doubt.”
 Doug Guillory - “Tough non-district competition is what we need to play better and become more focused. When you dress out only 7 seniors, you've got to be ready to step up to the plate, regardless of the opposition.”
 Doug Guillory - “Our seniors are very good leaders so far and we have a very good chemistry as a team. We are hoping our young guys will mature quick and we end up with a quality football team.”
 Buddy Guillory - “The idea behind this whole thing was for it to be a cultural and business exchange. Golf was just the means for us to get together.”
 Ferrell Guillory - “That's what eventually pushed North Carolina over the divide. It gave Governor Easley an argument Why should our people be paying for schools in Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee and South Carolina”
 Ferrell Guillory - “They are a way for a big university to enhance its research capacity, enhance its ability to discuss and bring together people for learning, and advancing knowledge that's not strictly classroom instruction.”