My Favorite Quotes
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 Jeff Guiot - “When you have more turnovers than assists, you aren't going to win very many games. You can't turn the ball over 20 times and then shoot poorly. All I can talk about is the turnovers.”
 Jeff Guiot - “I knew we had a chance to have a very special year. ... I think we'll enjoy the (MIAA) victory tonight and Monday, but then Tuesday we'll be back at it. We've got to handle our success in the right way.”
 Jeff Guiot - “Our last game we were down by two to Missouri Southern and lost and this game we wanted the ball in our best players hands in Sheldon Pace. This time we put the ball in Sheldon's hands so he could make a play.”
 Jeff Guiot - “Our effort level and our defense was much better in the second half. We made some adjustments and we played more like a championship team.”
 Jeff Guiot - “This is a special group of guys. ... I wouldn't trade this season or these guys for anybody in the country. We have a lot of fond memories.”
 Jeff Guiot - “We haven't got caught up in the whole 'no respect' thing. We don't worry about what we can't control. ... The 10 guys in the locker room are the only ones that matter to us.”
 Jeff Guiot - “You can draw your own conclusions from that.”
 Jeff Guiot - “Sheldon is a special player who can win a basketball game in several different ways. With his defense, his passing and his scoring. Not too many players come along who can do that.”
 Jeff Guiot - “A great pep band can be a valuable asset to any basketball team. But their hearts have to be into what they are doing. They have to be excited. And the music has to be an upbeat, modern song. If that is the case the pep band is a big boost.”
 Jeff Guiot - “I still have confidence in this team but they have to have confidence in themselves. Everybody has to deal with adversity. In this league, anybody can lose a couple of games in a row. We just have to not panic and keep battling.”
 Jeff Guiot - “It was an awesome environment and a back-and-forth game. Our kids did a good job of handling some adversity and getting the win.”