My Favorite Quotes
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 Pan Guiyu - “We try to differ in our approach to the issue. Instead of the 'I talk, you listen' scenario, we introduce international practices that allow both young participants and their trainers to be actively engaged in activities, such as role-plays, games, dramas and discussions.”
 Pan Guiyu - “In a conservative society like China, the majority of people are still embarrassed to talk about sex. But the reality is many young people have begun to have premarital sex without being educated enough on issues related to sex.”
 Pan Guiyu - “Every one should be equal in terms of the right of birth-giving.”
 Pan Guiyu - “We will gradually expand the project to cover the central and western cities and rural areas, to benefit more adolescents in poverty-stricken areas.”
 Pan Guiyu - “Chinese youth are usually baffled by all the unspoken mysteries of puberty, sex and reproductive health. Some are even threatened by venereal disease, HIVAIDS, sexual abuse, and unsafe abortion.”