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 Abdullah Gul - “Because of the holiday, we will apply to parliament this week,”
 Abdullah Gul - “Turkish-American relations are based on very strong foundations. Currently, we have a war in the region, which could not be prevented, unfortunately. We hope it is a short war ... with minimum casualties.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Powell was simply expressing hope. There is no deadline for Turkey to respond.”
 Abdullah Gul - “The current status quo works against the interests of all. The time has come to move forward all together, leaving behind restrictions and confrontation.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Undoubtedly there is but there are intense efforts.... We still have time to solve the problems.”
 Abdullah Gul - “There will be no change in our position today until there is a lasting settlement on Cyprus,”
 Abdullah Gul - “At the time of the Cold War, we were defending Europe when some of the countries in the EU today were on the other side of the fence.”
 Abdullah Gul - “will be reached in the coming days. ... They understand our worries we understand theirs.”
 Abdullah Gul - “It was only in December (2004) that European Union leaders agreed to open membership talks with Turkey on Oct. 3 (2005). Yet as the date looms, doubts over whether the talks will start keep recurring. This is not because of any fault of my government, but rather because of certain countries within the EU,”
 Abdullah Gul - “I trust the EU will overcome the skepticism which now exists within the Union (towards Turkey), ... We expect that those concerns of ours will be handled to mutual satisfaction.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Once Turkey enters in the European Union, all these circles will also see themselves, one way or another, represented within the EU.”
 Abdullah Gul - “We are sure of ourselves, and we know what we have to do, ... We will keep our promises, and we expect the European Union to keep its promises.”
 Abdullah Gul - “If the European Union decides not to keep its word, if its own leaders decide to forget their signatures beneath the decisions they've made before the ink has even dried ... if they decide to ignore all this and impose new conditions that Turkey will never accept ... then of course in that case this kind of partnership can never be.”
 Uri Dagul - “It's supposed to be a place where Christians can experience what life was like 2,000 years ago.”
 Uri Dagul - “This has nothing to do with any religious or political agenda. As a former tour guide, I've thought about it many years How can it be that here in the Holy Land, we don't have a center like this to give visitors the historical and religious context of that period I'm contributing my own time and effort to push this project. There are no hidden agendas. None.”
 Abdullah Gul - “The EU can make a contribution to the economy.”
 Abdullah Gul - “We were able to meet the deadline, so already we have learned to play this game under your guidance.”
 Abdullah Gul - “The Turkish people are at peace with themselves and with their history,”
 Abdullah Gul - “The genuine step Turkey expects is direct trade together with financial aid. This unilateral decision by the EU will bring new problems and difficulties.”
 Abdullah Gul - “This is a historic decision both for Turkey and for Europe. It (the commission) has made the recommendation it had to make.”
 Abdullah Gul - “The goal of my visit was to help ensure the decision of the UN Security Council is applied quickly and completely,”
 Abdullah Gul - “We have reached a historic point, ... Turkey will be the only Muslim country in EU.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Those inside and outside the country who want to obstruct us as we go towards October 3 are making their last efforts,”
 Abdullah Gul - “There is no other country which harms its own interests this much,”
 Abdullah Gul - “Our aim is to show that world that a country, which has a Muslim population, can also be democratic, transparent and modern and cooperate with the world.”

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