My Favorite Quotes
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 Abdullah Gul - “Turkey is a sufficiently strong and secure country. Such incidents happen everywhere, in London, in Paris, everywhere,”
 Abdullah Gul - “And that's what she did. En route home, Hughes singled out to reporters a really interesting meeting ... a common man in Turkey.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Syria will continue cooperation with the international investigation committee to fulfill its mission in order to uncover the truth and not to use the investigation as a political tool,”
 Abdullah Gul - “There is an act of prejudice against us, and there needs to be great efforts to correct this. Clear sentences and words should be put into the draft to remove uncertainty,”
 Abdullah Gul - “There is a link with an organization in Afghanistan in terms of belief and understanding.”
 Abdullah Gul - “We have reached a historic point, ... Full membership negotiations will, God willing, begin tonight.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Foreign Minister Abdullah Gul warned he would not show up in Luxembourg if the mandate was watered down. We are not striving to begin negotiations no matter what, at any cost, ... If the problems aren't solved, then the negotiations won't begin.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Turkey has turned its direction toward the EU for more than 40 years, it has aimed for full membership, ... We have reached a historic point. Full membership negotiations will, God willing, begin tonight. Turkey will be the only Muslim country in EU.”
 Abdullah Gul - “we have stuck to our side of the bargain, the EU should stick to theirs.”
 Abdullah Gul - “a terror attack which has international links.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Turkey will not enter a war. The Turkish Armed Forces will not enter combat,”
 Abdullah Gul - “We have completed our mission to the EU, now we are on our way to the Balkans. Our ancestors went on horse back, we are going by plane.”
 Abdullah Gul - “Turkey said it is not violating the new U.S. law. The sanctions ban investments in Iran. We're not going to invest in Iran. This is only a trade agreement, ... The two countries will build their own sides of the natural gas pipeline.”
 Abdullah Gul - “We reached agreement I am going to Luxembourg,”

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