My Favorite Quotes
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 Steve Gulley - “Nothing against Ricky. He's a hero to a lot of people, me included. He's an icon to a lot of us, too. ... Having Mark in there -- where you felt like you could talk and be red a redneck -- it freed us up a whole lot to sing and play the way we normally do on stage.”
 Steve Gulley - “My favorite musician of all time is James Taylor. He is just the consummate musician.”
 Steve Gulley - “From there on, it's gotten a little sweeter every time we play.”
 Steve Gulley - “He is such a talented kid, and he is pure mountain, and you can't take that away from him. I think the project turned out wonderful, and it has been killer early. People all over the world are playing it.”
 Steve Gulley - “I was on stage singing with my dad when I was five years old.”
 Steve Gulley - “He's a bluegrass fanatic and loves acoustic music. He approached us, and it was a mutual thing. We did it through Ricky, and it worked out to be a great situation. We had a wonderful time in the studio. It was a mutual love affair with the music, and he brought us so many great songs.”
 Bryan Gulley - “Sen. Nelson has proved himself to have a moderate record in support of the president's judicial nominees the vast majority of the time. I think it goes to show he calls them as he sees them.”
 Steve Gulley - “It falls where it is. We've been accepted by gospel markets and jam band markets and different places that we never really tried to get. It still surprises me when somebody picks up a record that wouldn't normally buy a bluegrass record and says, 'That new record is awesome.' We didn't have that in mind when we cut it. But we'll take every one of 'em.”
 Peyton Gulley - “The purpose is to make the freshmen feel welcome and let them know about the clubs and athletics offered. We want to get them excited about coming to Minden High.”
 Bryan Gulley - “We certainly fear that it could weaken Florida's ability to stop drilling off the coast.”