My Favorite Quotes
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 Randy Gumbley - “I know it's a tough division, but if we can win 35 games that should win it for us. And the guys we've got here are here for the right reasons. They want to win.”
 Randy Gumbley - “We're starting to gel. We're pretty solid right now and we're deeper than we have been for a long time. The kids are working hard and I think we're only going to get better.”
 Randy Gumbley - “Gorrie is going to be a top player in this league. He had a good camp and we're looking for big things from him. Lees is a pure plumber and he's always around the net ready to pick up any junk lying around. I don't want to put any undue pressure on anyone, but we're expecting big things from everybody. We have to be tops in our division and our guys know that. They're going to play to win every night.”
 Randy Gumbley - “Our expectations are to win our division and anything less will be a disappointment. We don't intend to back-door our way into the Royal Bank Cup. With the guys we've brought in this year, we're capable of getting in through the front door.”