My Favorite Quotes
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 Bruce Gunter - “I thought we deserved to win. I was so awfully proud of the team. They did everything we planned. They carried out an almost perfect game.”
 John Gunter - “It was pretty awesome to win. And it was a tough race to win. There was a lot beating and banging going on. We were pretty lucky to have stayed out there. I almost lost it a few times when guys were banging on me. But we were able to straighten it back up and keep going forward.”
 Pardee Gunter - “It just depended on the wind and the terrain.”
 Amanda Gunter - “The idea having the policies be by suite was actually an idea that was developed through the student forums. Also, out of the forums and through the work that the officers of RHA put in, it really showed housing that they were going through an overly good process and considering everything.”
 Michael Gunter - “You have to have your eye on the prize. We've reached this point after more than 40 years of negotiating with Turkey. This is the next major step.”
 Michael Gunter - “This can be a win-win situation if done correctly. At this stage, it would still be 10 years before Turkey could be admitted, so it is important to start now so that the groundwork is laid for true reform.”
 Bruce Gunter - “We are going to miss this senior group. They were a pretty good group. We have some players coming along from a 14-4 junior varsity team, so we're not losing the cupboards so to speak.”
 John Gunter - “It's definitely more intense in front of the pack versus the middle or the back of the field. The more you run up front, the more you get used to the intensity. Sometimes, some guys will bump you and try to shake you up so that they can get by.”
 John Gunter - “I would've never thought that 40 pounds would make that much of a difference.”
 Amanda Gunter - “One of the questions on (the survey) dealt with last year's visitation policy. A lot of students put on there that they would like to see change in (the visitation) policy.”
 Amanda Gunter - “The (security precautions) are really the same thing we have always encouraged students to do. If they are not in their room or asleep, leave the door dead bolted. Don't prop open the building doors or let people in who don't live here. If you are not sure if they live here, don't let them in. Those are the kind of security things that apply anytime. Anybody can walk in the building day or night. Everybody is being cautious and watching out for their own security. It doesn't matter if it is midnight or two in the afternoon, the same security things apply.”
 Amanda Gunter - “The visitation policy hasn't changed (in the books). There is a policy on the books that visitation Sunday night through Thursday night ends at midnight and then weekends it is 24 hours. So, it's not that the policy is not there. If there is a problem, a roommate conflict or something like that, the policy is still in place and can be enforced.”
 Michael Gunter - “Conflict is not inevitable. Cooperation is good for both Christians and Muslims, and Turkey is a moderate Muslim power that should be allowed to join if they implement reforms and become a stable democracy.”
 Amanda Gunter - “The suites could either agree to keep (their policy) with the university's policy for the weeknights or they could adapt their own policy. It is up to the residents of the suite to reach a decision on that.”
 Carl Gunter - “Inbreeding is how we get championship horses. Louisianna state representative, explaining why he was fighting a proposed anti-abortion bill that allowed abortion in cases of incest.”