My Favorite Quotes
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 Rainer Guntermann - “The government has done very little on reforms. We are not getting those reforms which were proposed last year.”
 Rainer Guntermann - “Unless things go completely wrong, the ECB is prepared to raise rates by a quarter point in March.”
 Rainer Guntermann - “The preference to creating jobs is increasing and fear of unemployment among people has decreased.”
 Rainer Guntermann - “For the ECB it's about inflation risk management rather than inflation fighting. That's a crucial difference. If it was about fighting inflation, he could be much more aggressive and pre-commit.”
 Rainer Guntermann - “We have a more mixed picture (and) that would have made some people rethink economic prospects maybe towards the end of the year.”
 Rainer Guntermann - “The leading indicators are giving a realistic picture. We are expecting growth in Germany of 0.6 percent in the first quarter.”
 Rainer Guntermann - “The economic recovery has clearly gained more traction in recent weeks and the more normal growth performance is likely to allow the ECB to continue with its still-young campaign of interest rate normalization.”