My Favorite Quotes
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 Wang Guoliang - “We suffered losses because the increase in the domestic price of oil products was much lower than the rise in international oil prices.”
 Wang Guoliang - “His voice and tone were similar to the secretary-general.”
 Wang Guoliang - “It would happen within around two years' time according to my estimate.”
 Wang Guoliang - “Great progress has been achieved in poverty alleviation for Chinese women in many fields, including improvements in education, employment and social participation, when compared to 10 years ago.”
 Wang Guoliang - “We fell in love with each other at first sight but we spent three years to negotiate the price of such a marriage.”
 Wang Guoliang - “If conditions are good, the group company will surely go public.”
 Wang Guoliang - “I think it is common practice. This is something that other countries have done in the past. The US put such a levy in place in 1972.”