My Favorite Quotes
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 JoAnn Gurenlian - “We're absolutely ecstatic about it. It gives us extra time and makes a huge difference.”
 JoAnn Gurenlian - “Are they still talking about that They were talking about that the last time I ran against Lou Greenwald, and that was two years ago.”
 JoAnn Gurenlian - “We're given the opportunity to qualify, ... If we can pour it on in the next two weeks, then we'll be in great shape.”
 JoAnn Gurenlian - “We're struggling with how to track the electronic contributions. We don't get a reporting to us, so we have no way of tracking the number of people who are submitting information, ... We've been trying to work it out. It's sort of a glitch in the system.”
 JoAnn Gurenlian - “We're against the abuse of it, the overuse of it.”