My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Gushue - “Once Russ stopped sweeping in the sixth end, I looked up and saw six yellows in the house, at that point my heart started to pound because I knew we weren't going to lose.”
 Brad Gushue - “My heart started pounding and the adrenalin was pumping. I did the math and I worked out if we get this there is no way we are losing now.”
 Brad Gushue - “I don't know what's going to happen on Friday, but I imagine there's going to be a lot of sick days or a lot of TVs in offices because the game is one at one o'clock. I know there will be a lot of interest.”
 Brad Gushue - “It's what we thought were the only good set. They're very good rocks. Some of the reds are a little inconsistent.”
 Brad Gushue - “We're going to have ourselves a good party. We've been behaving ourselves for a long time.”
 Brad Gushue - “I feel much better today than I was feeling in the last couple of days. It is nice knowing we are in the playoffs now. If we have two good games now, from here on in, we achieve our goal.”
 Brad Gushue - “I didn't get much in because she was crying, which caused me to cry. It was nice to hear her voice and she's pretty excited.”
 Brad Gushue - “We're the first men to win a gold medal and 100 years from now people are going to say we're the first team. I'm sure there's going to be many more that win gold. We were the first and it's very special.”
 Brad Gushue - “I'm going to soak up every opportunity that I can over the next couple of weeks to enjoy it for what it is worth.”
 Brad Gushue - “We just got in a couple of hours ago and our fittings for our uniforms aren't until tomorrow. We wore the uniforms that our association got for us to travel in so we didn't miss out on this just because we didn't have our official uniforms yet.”
 Brad Gushue - “Physically I had so huge an adrenaline rush it's a miracle I didn't bang it off the back boards.”
 Brad Gushue - “I'm not too worried about the last two (Olympic failures), because we're not the same team, other than the fact it was Canada. It's four different individuals on the ice. So I'm not worried about the past.”