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 Kevin Gustafson - “It would be a great way to start the season, because we are looking for good things this year.”
 Kevin Gustafson - “It's a good way to open the season. The players have actually been looking forward to this game since the end of last season.”
 Alan Gustafson - “Kyle Busch drove his heart out. We really wanted to get Kyle the youngest win on record and we just barely got it, so we feel good.”
 Mark Gustafson - “We definitely earned the respect of every team in the conference. We beat the first, second, and third place teams in the conference the second time through the schedule.”
 Marc Gustafson - “He's got big-time power and plays a good first-base.”
 Alan Gustafson - “Around lap 80 or 100 was the first time we led, and I thought we were looking pretty good.”
 Marc Gustafson - “He's got the makings, the talents, the tools of a big-league pitcher, and he's learning how to pitch. He's learning how to set hitters up. In the past, he might try to strike everybody out, because he's got such good stuff. We've got to teach him about pitching, and he's learning.”
 Marc Gustafson - “We want him to pitch in surroundings where he's comfortable and we can travel to see him pitch.”
 Marc Gustafson - “He's a guy that had arm trouble early in his career, but he's recovered from that nicely. He throws 89-92 mph with downhill sink, attacks the zone and gets groundballs. He has a slider and changeup that he throws for a change of pace, but it's that fastball with the downhill plane that makes him successful.”
 Mark Gustafson - “I couldn't believe it when I got homeMy wife called me the first time and said waters coming up, then she called me again and said its coming up real fast, then she called me the last time and said get home.”
 Alan Gustafson - “It is a little bit of a disadvantage not running it, not testing it, but it is not like we don't know anything about it. We have had that car in the wind tunnel. We have had that car on the racetrack previously.”
 Marc Gustafson - “You don't have to worry about slumps with him because he can always bunt to get on base.”
 Marc Gustafson - “I've, personally, been interested in Jason for several years and personally tried to sign him for three years. We finally got him.”
 Alan Gustafson - “We need to respect the red flag. The No. 1 priority in that situation is safety to other people, and that's what we got away from.”
 Alan Gustafson - “You look at this and you have guys who have worked countless hours over the winter to build a really fast race car and you have a good run, and then you go to the back for an opinion.”
 Marc Gustafson - “We've definitely re-established our philosophy. We're going to go with player development and scouting. And we're going to have to be totally overwhelmed (to make any trades). We're going to let players develop in their own time and go with the guys in our system. We saw last year how important it is to be patient and the best is yet to come.”
 Marc Gustafson - “He has the mentality. He's been a closer his entire career, and nothing affects him a whole lot. But he's got good pitches. He's got the tools to make it happen and he's got the mentality that he fits in.”
 Alan Gustafson - “It is kind of a preseason game for them to make a couple of pit stops and if you have a mistake, it's a good way to get that out the way before you get into the 150s and the 500.”
 Alan Gustafson - “I look at it as a preparation for the 500. Time for him to get some experience, time for us to make friends and can make good decisions.”
 Marc Gustafson - “The injury, obviously, is not something you plan for and it's not something he'd plan for. It was a speed bump in his fast track. Toward the end, he was starting to clean up his mechanics a little bit, starting to get back to what we saw.”
 Kevin Gustafson - “The effort was outstanding. I think we wore them down and I think we were in better condition than they were. We kept pounding away at them. That was our game plan, pound, pound, pound.”
 Diana Gustafson - “We'd much rather educate and prepare for disaster than have to respond to it. But I really do feel that if something happened here, we'd be prepared, and more so than other places.”
 Alan Gustafson - “In order to make that playoff in September, or even to make the top-10, you have to finish races. Last year we focused on being fast and racing hard to win races this year we are going to take a more conventional approach and improve our package as a whole.”
 Marc Gustafson - “He had confidence coming out of Spring Training, and manager Clint Hurdle and the staff had confidence in him. This isn't foreign to them because they got to live with him, got to see him work. He's our guy. In a perfect world, he would have had a few more starts in Triple-A, but he pitched well.”
 Marc Gustafson - “For me, personally, he's always shown that he has the tools to catch, swing the bat and do a lot of good things. But the difference is his confidence.”

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