My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Guynn - “The Fed is firmly committed to resisting unwelcome rises in inflation.”
 Jack Guynn - “I don't want to see inflation move measurable higher.”
 Jack Guynn - “What we now know is that a rebuilding kick is going to be spread out -- pick a time -- five years, maybe even ten years. We are not going to get the usual quick economic impact.”
 Jack Guynn - “We're now at a point where we have removed a substantial amount of the extraordinary accommodation that was in place when we started this cycle. I still feel that we have a ways to go. We're well along on that path.”
 Jack Guynn - “Given the steady diet of 'measured' rate hikes the Fed has provided in the past year and a half, many of you may be wondering when enough is enough. Let me first respond by saying, the closer we get, the less explicit we can be on that point it's my personal opinion that as policymakers we should resist the temptation to say more than we know at any given time.”
 Jack Guynn - “In the long term, though, I think the moderation of growth that we'll witness in 2001 will be a mostly healthy thing,”
 Jack Guynn - “I think monetary policy coming out of the 2001 recession did what it was intended to do, which was cushion the interest-sensitive sectors of the economy, including housing.”
 Jack Guynn - “At this point, I believe inflation and inflation expectations will be largely contained by competitive market forces and continuing adjustments to the stance of monetary policy,”
 Jack Guynn - “In the long run, economic growth will continue to get an important boost from the development of new technologies and the discovery of new ways to work better, faster and smarter,”
 Jack Guynn - “We don't yet know the full economic effect of the policy moves we have already made. In the months ahead, we'll have to watch the data very carefully to make sure that growth is still on track and inflation expectations are well anchored.”
 Jack Guynn - “Over the period ahead, as the full effects of the sequence of monetary policy moves plays out, I expect that output growth will settle on a path that is somewhat below what we saw in the first quarter, probably growing at close to the economy's potential.”