My Favorite Quotes
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 Brad Guzan - “From the start of the game it was fun. That was a big thing. We wanted to have fun and have a good time playing.”
 Brad Guzan - “It's going to be a great time, we'll go out there and interact with the fans first-hand. It should be a good event, the winners of the tournament get to go to the World Cup, so there's an incentive for them. It's all about promoting the World Cup. It's the most viewed single-sport event in the world, and it's only a couple months away, so it should be a fun weekend for everyone.”
 Brad Guzan - “Anytime you come into a match like this, of this magnitude, as a rookie, you really just don't grasp the entire concept of it. Mentally this year, I feel 100 times more prepared than last year, knowing what to expect.”
 Brad Guzan - “When you have all those fans behind you ... and you get one goal, and you get another and you finish off the game in the second half, there's nothing like it. Everyone was just all smiles today.”