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 George Gwozdecky - “I was having a good day, ... until you reminded me of losing my senior players and now Skinner. Do you know that senior class won more games than any in Denver history”
 George Gwozdecky - “We knew their team was better than their record, yet I think perhaps as a team we did not give them the respect they were due.”
 George Gwozdecky - “We wanted to create some good bounces for ourselves, and yet not only do they get the first goal, but two of the first three goals went off us. Those are difficult things to swallow, especially when you're trying as hard as this team has been.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I do believe we are good enough get there.”
 Mark Gwozdecky - “We are moving from an information-gathering phase to a more probing, investigative phase.”
 George Gwozdecky - “We never recovered after Minnesota's fast start. Our guys battled in the final period, but it was too late. We're a resilient group and we'll bounce back.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I thought we started well, but by the second period we were over-handling the puck and our offensive timing was nonexistent.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I thought he did well. We didn't put a lot of pressure on him after the first period but he made some big saves.”
 George Gwozdecky - “They have good depth in every class and they have good leadership in their senior class. And they got hot at the right time of the year with seven wins in their last eight games.”
 George Gwozdecky - “He is as competitive as anybody on our team. He gets to pucks very quickly. He's got great grit. That's one of the reasons he's so valuable in the offensive zone. Any time there is a loose puck and Ryan is in the area, you know he's going to come up with it.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I think that this time of the year, the athletes are fatigued. They have gone through a long, grueling season already, and I think the home-ice advantage is even more of an edge than it is during the regular season. Especially when you are considering a series and everything that's on the line, I think the home-ice advantage is so much more of a factor now than it is during the regular season.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I don't see why we're going to change. At this point in time, I think we're going to stay with the same rotation we've had all season long.”
 George Gwozdecky - “That opened some eyes and a sense of urgency took over. I don't think I'd define this as a great team, because we can still struggle at times, but we've improved quite a bit.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I use this term a little tongue-in-cheek, but they are finally getting interested. But I think there is some truth to that. Our guys are very aware of what's at stake, and when you can see the end of the regular season coming around and you've put yourself in contention, your heart's not beating if you can't get excited.”
 Mark Gwozdecky - “It's a far better option to wait a little bit longer than to resort to war. We've only been there for seven weeks now. We're making progress. We're getting access to the sites that we need. Frankly, the longer that we're there, the more likely we are to detect something that might be illegally proceeding or to deter the Iraqis from reconstituting any capability that they might have.”
 Mark Gwozdecky - “far better option to wait a little bit longer than to resort to war.”
 George Gwozdecky - “I think it's surprising to some people, but not the people who know how the system works. We have not played very well outside of our conference. We lost some games that really hurt us.”
 George Gwozdecky - “As I've jokingly said to some of the people out here, some of our veterans are starting to get interested. No question, we're playing our best hockey of the season right now.”
 George Gwozdecky - “Glenn Fisher was awesome tonight. In order to win big games, it starts with goaltending and Fisher was the difference tonight. We felt good about our team before the game and I thought we played pretty well.”
 George Gwozdecky - “From the outset, we wanted to do some things in order to hopefully take a lead, and the thing we perhaps didn't want to have happen, did happen.”
 Mark Gwozdecky - “(Iran's) obligation (to the IAEA) is to ensure inspections occur and that all of their programs are monitored, but not necessarily suspended.”
 Mark Gwozdecky - “The findings refer to material and documents of the pre-1991 Iraqi nuclear weapons program that have been well known to the agency.”
 George Gwozdecky - “We will make a thorough search. It won't take six months. It won't take the entire summer. It will be quicker than that.”
 George Gwozdecky - “If we did, it wasn't a scoring chance. I'm not disappointed at the loss, I'm disappointed in the way we performed.”
 George Gwozdecky - “Throughout the season, Matt's been able to play at a very high level. It's not often that a defenseman is able to be among the top scorers in the league. That tells you how gifted he is offensively. He also is our No. 1 guy matching up with other team's top line. He's extremely valuable to us. Out of all the teams we played, I don't recall seeing a defenseman on the ice better than Matt.”

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