My Favorite Quotes
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 Tony Gwynn - “He said we would bounce around. I think it's a great idea and I'm not going to have a problem with it.”
 Tony Gwynn - “Remember these two things play hard and have fun.”
 Tony Gwynn - “We were winning late. (Colin) Tanabe hit a ball into right-center field that we thought the right fielder should've caught, didn't, and we ended up getting beat and that left a bitter taste in your mouth.”
 Tony Gwynn - “I remember watching the Oceanside team in 2001. I fell in love with that little left-handed hitter with the great stroke (Matthew Cerda). It'll be fun to see who the stars are this time around.”
 Heidi Gwynn - “Overall good team win. It was a little close at times, but a win is a win.”
 Heidi Gwynn - “We dominated the play in the first half, we just had a let-down on the first goal. On their last goal they had a 3-on-1 on our keeper. Our offense just wasn't there today.”
 Tony Gwynn - “When you play on the road in this conference, especially (in Las Vegas), you have to score runs. You have to put runs on the board, plain and simple, especially here with the wind blowing like it was.”
 Tony Gwynn - “Sure, I always thought that, in this game, the objective is to be the best player you can be. He knows he can get singles. See if you can do that and be like Edgar, ... If you're worth your salt as a player, that's what you want -- to be the best you can be.”
 Heidi Gwynn - “This was a great season, I'm going to miss my seniors. I had a great time coaching the girls. We'll get another chance next year.”
 Tony Gwynn - “He might just be very comfortable doing what he's doing. If he is, he's at the top of the list, then. He's a master of his craft.”
 Tony Gwynn - “because that would make me no different than roadies stealing autographs for free.”
 Tony Gwynn - “It's tough, because you're messing with how you make a living, ... But I needed that upgrade. Just to show I could do it.”
 Tony Gwynn - “It's a crazy time, and I bitch and moan about being too busy. But I wouldn't have it any other way.”
 Tony Gwynn - “Harold is the Pied Piper of Little League baseball,”
 Tony Gwynn - “They haven't gotten to that point where baseball is the most important thing in their lives. They got other things going on and as a coach, you have to step back and let them live their lives, let them do things that they have to do and at the same time trying to get them focused playing winning baseball.”
 Tony Gwynn - “So I'm a little bit ahead of the game, ... Plus, I'll have all my clips from the North County Times.”
 Tony Gwynn - “Now that the contract has been signed, we can concentrate on moving ahead toward our goal of becoming a nationally recognized program. I remain fully committed to my job here at San Diego State and look forward to continue building on the groundwork we've laid the past couple seasons.”
 Tony Gwynn - “Now that the contract has been signed, we can concentrate on moving ahead toward our goal of becoming a nationally recognized program.”
 Tony Gwynn - “For a lot of these guys, that light doesn't go on until they leave college. For some kids' cases, it's too late. For other kids' cases, it happens in the nick of time. As a coach, you have to able to adapt, trust these guys even though sometimes they don't trust you. I know it sounds crazy having said that, but I love my job.”