My Favorite Quotes
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 Hajim al-Hassani - “Today with the presence of the National Assembly members, it is considered to be adopted.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “We found that time was late and we saw that the matters will need another day in order to reach results that please everyone.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “Negotiations are still going on. Everybody was there. This is a good sign and we hope we will reach a result tomorrow night.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “We'll see how things go in the morning.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “The new amendments on the draft open wide horizons and give everyone another chance to have a proportional role to participate in the political process to build the new Iraqi government. The political process in Iraq, in spite of all its many complications, is going forward.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “The main bloc in the National Assembly has agreed to make the necessary amendments in the constitutional draft.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “We tried hard to include everybody's demands, but this could not be done. Some people are still opposed to some points,”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “If we will not be able to reach agreements in the end, this constitution is going to be presented to the Iraqis in an Oct. 15 referendum. Legally we do not need the parliament to vote on the draft, but we need only a consensus so that all the Iraqis will say yes to the constitution.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “This proves to the world that Iraqis are writing their own constitution. We want to be sure to write something that keeps Iraq intact, in land and in people.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “We hope tomorrow we can finish this matter. The final day will be when we say this is the constitution draft which everybody agreed on.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “They are the largest group in the Shiite community. They will be a force to deal with in the elections. If they run separately, they would get most of the seats in the south.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “I think to them, they won the election ... so it is an opportunity to them to get whatever they want. If I was in their camp, I would have been more generous.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “It will certainly give the insurgency more chance to do whatever they want to do and the terrorists will benefit from that.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “We hope all Iraqis will vote 'Yes' to the constitution so that the building of Iraq can begin.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “Talks are on going between the main blocs in the coming parliament. We hope that during the coming days, we'll reach a level of agreement on when to call the Council of Representatives to convene.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “A parliamentary agreement has been reached between the Kurdish coalition and the (Shiite) alliance on accepting the suggestions of the forces that did not take part in the elections (Sunnis) and it will be announced in parliament tomorrow.”
 Hajim al-Hassani - “If we cannot reach an agreement, God forbid, the constitution will be put to the Iraqi people on October 15.”