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 Orrin Hatch - “We now find ourselves on the threshold of a new election with many old questions still unanswered. ... It is now time to make a decision and be held accountable for it,”
 Tom Hatch - “It is not suited either to all kids or all parents. It requires students with considerable curiosity and independence, who come up with and get interested in questions and can sustain some interest in them.”
 Orrin Hatch - “Judges who take the law into their own hands, who make up constitutional 'rights' in order to strike down laws they oppose, undermine the people's right to have their values shape public policy and define the culture.”
 Orrin Hatch - “In this particular case, you have a man who, from the criminal law standpoint, has more criminal law experience than any justice in history, certainly more than any on the current court. Judges should not be concerned about ideology. They ought to be concerned about the principles of law that they should uphold.”
 Orrin Hatch - “It looked to me today that this court is going to be at least 5-4 and possibly 6-3,”
 Orrin Hatch - “It is a steppingstone court,”
 Orrin Hatch - “He's going to have to abide by the canons of judicial ethics, which basically state you never discuss things which might come up before your court in the future, ... no matter how much they badger him or say they aren't going to vote for him.”
 Orrin Hatch - “We must use a judicial, rather than a political, standard to evaluate Judge Roberts' fitness for the Supreme Court. That standard must be based on the fundamental principle that judges interpret and apply but do not make law.”
 Orrin Hatch - “It's not a bad thing to have somebody who might shake it up a little bit, ... I think it's important for the court to have someone like her on it, someone who has dealt with real-people problems.”
 Orrin Hatch - “in large part to somehow send a message to President Bush as he deliberates on how to fill the remaining vacancy on the Supreme Court.”
 Orrin Hatch - “You have a serious person in Scooter Libby who really has served this country very, very well over the years,”
 Orrin Hatch - “Sometimes you may need something like that so everybody in this country realizes there's a penalty, that there's a punishment that comes from being vicious and vindictive against people who you might not agree with, ... Fox News Sunday.”
 Orrin Hatch - “McCain responded by saying, I've always thought what is best for the country is best for the party. ... You are defending an illegal system that has caused the debasement of every institution of government.”
 Orrin Hatch - “I'm gonna give it every chance, every shot I have, ... something that I think I have got to do in the best interest of our country, even though I'm a little late.”
 Orrin Hatch - “This is a situation where if we don't do what we should here, we will be foregoing the leadership and research throughout the world, to make a difference in the lives of over a hundred million people in this country and millions more world wide,”
 Orrin Hatch - “I think we should show this country that we have the guts to get on that bus,”
 Roger Hatch - “Without the people you have no union. ... Without the laborers this country wouldn't be what it is.”
 Ed Hatch - “Video should add probably another 800 million of gross sales. 'Titanic' could provide the gross domestic product, almost, of a small country, given how profitable it's been.”
 Orrin Hatch - “He knew if those cook ovens shut down, Geneva would disintegrate in a number of days, ... He knew that would hurt our state.”
 Orrin Hatch - “And that is, ... we could file a motion to adjourn with the following language that basically we ... acknowledge the impeachment vote of the House, we acknowledge, if this is true, that we do not have or even have a chance of having 67 votes for conviction, and we acknowledge that the impeachment vote in the House is the highest form of censure or condemnation for this president's despicable acts. And if you do that, that basically adjourns. It ends the battle.”
 Orrin Hatch - “I believe he's grasped the gravity of the situation. I won't talk about our conversation (Sunday) morning but I believe in having this conversation, I believe he knows how grave it is and I think he knows how important it is and he's trying to work through this.”
 Orrin Hatch - “If we want to get anything done in our society and we want to have things run as smoothly as we can, somebody has to be in control, somebody has to have the responsibility, somebody has to have the accountability and it's very apparent it's got to be the a side that has the 51-50 vote,”
 Orrin Hatch - “With every day we are coming to live and work in an increasingly networked, technology-driven world, ... And there is little question that Microsoft, which now controls the PC software market, is seeking to extend its desktop monopoly in effect to control these other technologies, and to a large extent, the network itself.”
 Orrin Hatch - “I have become convinced that, for conscientious and reasonable defenders of the Second Amendment, it is not enough to simply oppose the gun-control communities' legislative agenda which safeguards the right to keep and bear arms,”
 Orrin Hatch - “gun-control frenzy taking place in Washington.”

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