My Favorite Quotes
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 Orrin Hatch - “You object You object to doing what's right here You object to closing this so-called loophole ... it's amazing to me. They want to have an argument.”
 Orrin Hatch - “Speaking on NBC's Meet the Press ... should answer it, get it behind him, because the polls show most of the American people are forgiving.”
 Orrin Hatch - “But we must realize, as we have in the past, that simply asking a question does not mean a judicial nominee should answer it.”
 Orrin Hatch - “She's going to have to answer a lot of questions about her judicial philosophy, and I believe that she will be able to do that,”
 Orrin Hatch - “The only person who can really answer the questions is the president. And he has an obligation to do that, ... And I think he will, if push comes to shove.”
 Orrin Hatch - “Senators can ask any questions they want, but these justice nominees really don't have to answer them,”
 Orrin Hatch - “Just answer the darn question and get rid of it.”
 Orrin Hatch - “There's just no excuse for being pushed to answer questions that may come before the court or are before the court and I think the American people are starting to realize that in these hearings.”
 Orrin Hatch - “If I was President Clinton I would want to come and clear the air and answer these questions that are in the mind of the public. This is not going to go away easily, so the best way to answer this is to be straightforward and tell the truth,”
 Richard Hatch - “Reactions now and stretching into the future are likely to include anxiety, irritability, depression, anger, all the emotions, intensified, ... Maybe guilt. I survived and friends and family members haven't. Why did I survive and not others”
 Orrin Hatch - “We need to do a top-to-bottom analysis of the FBI and help them to be able to solve some of the problems that occasionally do arise, ... This Week.”
 Orrin Hatch - “I am not going to fail to go ahead with the markup nominations, and if you don't want to show up that's your business,”
 Orrin Hatch - “I think that we need to proceed with John Roberts and move right ahead,”
 Paul Hatch - “I am afraid we have employees out there who would consider suing us (if their benefits were taken away).”
 Tom Hatch - “She goes to work with us, she goes home with us and upon her retirement I'm going to adopt her.”
 Orrin Hatch - “'I think everybody on the intelligence committee, everybody in the administration relied on flawed intelligence.”
 Orrin Hatch - “Our only chance of getting rid of this is with the administration. It isn't with the Senate. It isn't with Harry,”
 Orrin Hatch - “I'm not going to second-guess my colleagues, but one of us has to stay neutral on this and hopefully give the administration enough ammunition to resolve this process,”
 Orrin Hatch - “The future of Skull Valley is largely in the hands of the administration right now, so I don't believe kicking them in the teeth is in our best interest, ... It's the only real hope I see right now, because Nevada Sen. Harry Reid can't help us.”
 Orrin Hatch - “Even for the Clinton Administration, the ends do not justify the means, ... As pleased as most of us are that Elian is reunited with his father ... our oversight responsibilities compel us to examine whether the conduct of the attorney general and the Department of Justice are in accord with federal law, effective law-enforcement procedures, and the Constitution.”
 Orrin Hatch - “I can tell you categorically they are not going to be the filter. I know who the filters are, ... They're in the White House and the Justice Department as they were in the Clinton administration.”
 Richard Hatch - “I was always curious about-not actors-but I was always enthralled by the communication industry. TV, movie, film-all that stuff.”
 Orrin Hatch - “We want to make sure public information is available to everyone, ... We want to make sure there's no way of freezing legitimate competitors out of the system. We've had commitments from AOL and Time Warner that they will not do that. But this action has caused a lot of angst among some members of our committee.”
 Orrin Hatch - “I'm sure the president realizes that some would say this is a 'Wag the Dog' situation. It's an appropriate foreign policy response to terrorism at an appropriate time having obtained appropriate evidence and knowledge to justify the action.”
 Orrin Hatch - “For the most part, passage of the DMCA has proven to be an achievement settling many complex liability issues up front and allowing the online businesses to grow. It was our hope that it would give creators incentives to make their products available on the Internet ... Sadly, this has not occurred to any great extent,”

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