My Favorite Quotes
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 Heidi Dallin - “The last time we did this concert (in Cape Ann) was for an outreach program, but we never did a public performance. The fact that we're doing it for the public this time is really exciting.”
 Heidi Dallin - “They (the symphony) work with the teachers to come up with the concerts, to find out what the music and art teachers need to supplement their programs.”
 Heidi Dallin - “The whole idea is to make it something that is appealing to all ages. The kids sometimes know more about the music than the musicians. Some of (the songs) are cartoon themes.”
 Heidi Dallin - “It's so exciting to see how interested kids are in the music program. These kids are the people that are going to be the future of the symphony. I told the kids at the schools, 'I was like you. I was a student in Gloucester Public Schools. Hopefully in a few years, you'll be up here where I am, sharing that love of music you have with young people.' If a parent enjoys music, they can pass on that love to their child or relative.”