My Favorite Quotes
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 Frank Herbert - “Humans are almost always lonely.”
 George Herbert - “Fly the pleasure that bites tomorrow”
 Gary Herbert - “Hopefully that will lead to a transportation initiative by the end of this year that finally will develop a functional and comprehensive transportation plan for the state of Utah for generations to come,”
 Ricki Herbert - “Brazil will be fantastic for the game. Potentially a billion viewers, 1000 media, a sold-out stadium and we are going to be a part of that. Yes, there will be pressure to perform and keep credibility intact, but who wouldn't want to be there.”
 George Herbert - “The offender never pardons.”
 George Herbert - “The offender never pardons”
 Gary Herbert - “We are not proposing anything yet, ... We don't want to propose anything to bias the discussion. I want to hear what others have to say.”
 Frank Herbert - “What do you despise By this are you truly known”
 Frank Herbert - “How often it is that the angry man rages denial of what his inner self is telling him.”
 William Herbert - “Quite frankly, what I saw at the last deliberative session was an affront to democracy.”
 George Herbert - “A great ship asks deep water”
 George Herbert - “Words are women, deeds are men”
 George Herbert - “A hundred load of worry will not pay an ounce of debt”
 George Herbert - “After death the doctor”
 George Herbert - “Death is still working like a mole, And digs my grave at each remove.”
 Frank Herbert - “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear... And when it is gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear is gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”
 Frank Herbert - “Think you of the fact that a deaf person cannot hear. Then, what deafness may we not all possess What senses do we lack that we cannot see and cannot hear another world all around us”
 Frank Herbert - “The proximity of a desirable thing tempts one to overindulgence. On that path lies danger.”
 Mark Herbert - “While email DoS attacks are quite new, they are increasing and slowly making headlines. Most people think of online gambling websites when they think of targets of DoS attacks, however all businesses need to realise that they could easily be attacked through email. It's a danger facing us all.”
 Andre Herbert - “I sort of fell in with the wrong crowd. Things started getting twisted, and instead of facing my drug problem, I made excuses and justified getting away with it because I was maintaining a job and family.”
 George Herbert - “He that hath lost his credit is dead to the world.”
 George Herbert - “Great wealth always supports the party in power, no matter how corrupt it may be. It never exerts itself for reform, for it instinctively fears change.”
 George Herbert - “In conversation, humor is worth more than wit and easiness more than knowledge.”
 Frank Herbert - “He who can destroy a thing, can control a thing.”
 George Herbert - “He who has the pepper may season as he lists.”

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