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 Martina Hingis - “The first three games it was a little chilly out, but after that it got a little better.”
 Martina Hingis - “She is a powerful girl. She is deeper in the forehand. I tried not to give her too many opportunities and gave balls on her backhand. I was successful with my strategy.”
 Martina Hingis - “I know she's a little girl so she's not going to overpower me. I don't think she really has a big weapon but neither does she have a weakness.”
 Martina Hingis - “I can be proud. You just can't think you're going to go out there and win everything. I lost only 6-4 in the third against the No. 1 player, so I don't think it's that bad. You think I'm going to give up right now”
 Martina Hingis - “She didn't really give me much. I didn't get many opportunities to do much with the ball. I think I didn't do that badly. She was just better.”
 Martina Hingis - “I knew that I had to be right there from the start. I knew I couldn't give her any momentum.”
 Martina Hingis - “It was great proof to myself. I'm relieved, I'm happy. I think I can be proud of myself. You think I'm just going to give up now”
 Martina Hingis - “I have fond memories of Doha and I hope the public here will support me like they did in 2001.”
 Martina Hingis - “Both of us had our ups and downs, but there's so much she can still learn.”
 Martina Hingis - “Well, maybe at home I don't have the best image.”
 Martina Hingis - “The older you get, the more you learn.”
 Martina Hingis - “The game overall has gotten so much better, stronger, more physical parts to the game.”
 Martina Hingis - “Sometimes you want to make your own experiences.”
 Martina Hingis - “Now that I beat Lindsay I feel much better.”
 Martina Hingis - “No, because I think I have a reason to believe in myself and I think I'm also pretty confident about who I am and what I'm doing and it might be because I'm still at the top too.”
 Martina Hingis - “I'm not saying I'm something special. I might play a little better tennis than other people, but it is because I was given the chance, and not many people are.”
 Martina Hingis - “I went through very emotional things this year, like being in the French Open finals already feeling like you got it and kind of losing it.”
 Martina Hingis - “I think just to be more patient sometimes - that you can't have everything at once, but learn to deal with your feelings a little bit better.”
 Martina Hingis - “I think it was like sometimes in life things happen and you try to change them and if you learn from mistakes, it's always a good thing.”
 Martina Hingis - “I like fast cars. And I like champions.”
 Martina Hingis - “I had to start working on myself to be a little bit more in the lifting room and doing the fitness to keep up with the big girls.”
 Martina Hingis - “Everybody wants to grow up sometime. And you have to experience that maybe it's not going to work out the way you expected it to.”
 Martina Hingis - “But sometimes you just don't do well.”
 Martina Hingis - “Any tournament you go to, you want to win it.”
 Martina Hingis - “I don't really have anything to lose. Making the last eight coming into this event, I would have never thought I could get that far.”

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