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 Mike Holmgren - “He said it's just like being at the game. He goes, 'Mike, why won't you let me come to the games... It's just as bad when I am watching it at home.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I asked the team if it was OK if we give Ray this week's ball, and they were very happy to do that. He was upstairs, and he minded the doctors' orders, pretty much.”
 Mike Holmgren - “Carolina offered him just a phenomenal financial package, and he was gone. Ken had developed his skills. We drafted him, we liked him, he had gotten better and better and better, and now he's playing at a certain level. That was a good signing by Carolina.”
 Paul Holmgren - “He's an extremely fast player and could be one of our faster guys if he came over. And he's got good skill. But he's never really matured physically.”
 Mike Holmgren - “Bobby has been so good to start this year.”
 Mike Holmgren - “It's a move that he's handled very well. He's a good enough player to do that.”
 Mike Holmgren - “It could be as simple as, 'How about we go through next year and if you're happy and I'm feeling good then we'll meet.' I really don't know.”
 Mike Holmgren - “There were some guys who made some great plays, but we did drop the ball uncharacteristically. ...We played against a good team, and you can't overcome those things.”
 Mike Holmgren - “We need Walter to feel real good. I always feel good when he feels good. I'm going to be careful with Walter.”
 Mike Holmgren - “We've kind of been on his shoulders a good portion of this year.”
 Mike Holmgren - “Seneca Wallace is a good player. He just hasn't played.”
 Mike Holmgren - “He's doing good. But heck, he was the former head coach (in Green Bay) and he doesn't need to go to this game. (He's) doing OK. Healing up.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I had the privilege of being around one of the great players in the history of the league I think you can say that but I don't know if he's made up his mind. If this were to be his last game, then I'm really glad I was here.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I've had the privilege of holding it (the Lombardi Trophy) before and I hope to touch it again.”
 Mike Holmgren - “My hope is, we'll have him down the stretch.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I don't know. I honestly don't know. That's one of the reasons we're taking this trip. Kathy listens to me and understands me the most, and that's why we're doing it. I'll have a better idea of what's going on after we come back.”
 Mike Holmgren - “It's almost impossible not to pick those guys if you need a quarterback because they don't come around very often.”
 Mike Holmgren - “So, as a household, we are very sensitive, and as an individual to this sort of thing, as you might expect.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I thanked him for allowing the coaches to build something. In such a volatile industry, you don't always get that.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I just can't afford to lose him with an injury as a backup quarterback.”
 Mike Holmgren - “The good thing is that his injury has healed up.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I don't know exactly what that means. I don't think so. I like to kill anybody just like the next guy.”
 Paul Holmgren - “He defies a lot of things. He is one competitive guy. His leadership has been tremendous. It's an amazing story.”
 Mike Holmgren - “I thought Kenny was our best defensive back ... (but) we had 16 free agents and our front office was in a little bit of turmoil. Everyone has to know this We didn't want to lose Ken Lucas. We wanted to keep Ken Lucas. And in free agency, when he became free, Carolina offered him just a phenomenal financial package. And he was gone.”
 Mike Holmgren - “It's an all-day sucker. You have to think about him all the time. You can't relax.”

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