My Favorite Quotes
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 Homero Aridjis - “I'm glad Dorismar agreed to cooperate, but next time I would prefer a Mexican actress,”
 Homero Aridjis - “The monarch has become a symbol for cross border co-operation in North America. Let's hope it doesn't become the symbol of our common failure to protect the environment.”
 Homero Aridjis - “They killed them with blows to the head and machetes. It is very brutal, the beach would have been covered in blood.”
 Homero Aridjis - “They don't understand the goal of the campaign, ... It is directed at men, to capture the attention of the macho Mexican man who uses the turtle eggs for sexual ends. The campaign tries to be sexy precisely to capture their attention. We are in a country where there are boring government campaigns every day that no one watches.”
 Homero Aridjis - “These loggers are heavily armed, organized groups who are sometimes linked to drug traffickers.”
 Homero Aridjis - “If we can stop the egg eating by macho Mexicans, we can save thousands of turtles. If you want to improve your sex performance, go take Viagra. Don't kill one of the oldest animals on the planet.”