My Favorite Quotes
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 Hubertus Pellengahr - “For a long time, the Germans held the deutsche mark as a proof of normality, something that held them together.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “People are aware that they have a major problem with their retirement pensions and health insurance - they know that they're going to have to contribute more. That makes them insecure.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “The Germans have a different consumption mentality They don't get into debt.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “The World Cup motto is 'A Time to Make Friends,' and friends should be offered friendly opening times. We want to campaign for shopping in Germany so the more than 1 million visitors in Germany for the World Cup come back to go shopping.”
 Hubertus Pellengahr - “We now expect that on balance things could improve slightly in 2006.”