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 Clint Hurdle - “Our young players give us reason to be optimistic for the future. Holliday continues to improve and should become a good offensive player.”
 Clint Hurdle - “Those kind of games are signature games. You're lucky if you have one of them in your career.”
 Clint Hurdle - “Having a winning record at home or avoiding finishing last weren't motivating factors for us. When you are 27 games under .500, can we really expect to be better at home”
 Clint Hurdle - “We're not messenger boys. We want to be delivery boys. We have to play and win games.”
 Clint Hurdle - “We couldn't buy a hit when we needed one. We went three games where we got the hit when we needed it and we haven't been able to get one the last three games.”
 Clint Hurdle - “Those three guys give us the most flexibility and the most talent we've ever had at the end of a game. We're going to be good.”
 Clint Hurdle - “It's been one of my goals since I got this job to get this place rocking again and get it jammed with people.”
 Clint Hurdle - “He has hit everywhere he has ever been, so why shouldn't he hit here . . . . He is just a real good hitter.”
 Clint Hurdle - “He made them hit the ball on the ground with regularity. He made some good pitches.”
 Clint Hurdle - “The grass seems greener, the colors are brighter.”
 Clint Hurdle - “These are opportunities for growth. Everybody made a statement tonight that took the ball.”
 Clint Hurdle - “We had a hand in about everything that went sideways on us.”
 Clint Hurdle - “I am having a blast watching Stewart play. That is a big day with a couple of hits coming off left-hand arms. He struck balls well in the big part of the ballpark. He is a good looking young player.”
 Clint Hurdle - “You hate to keep tweaking things with him. You want to get in a position where he can just move forward. We know the raw skills he has. We have to turn those into game-day skills.”
 Clint Hurdle - “I would hate anything to aggravate (the injury) this late in the season.”
 Clint Hurdle - “I think he's dealing with it quite professionally. I know he's had enough hearing, 'Keep battling.' I told him how to fix that is to go out and battle and do well.”
 Clint Hurdle - “All the players took to heart the conversations that were held at the end of last season.”
 Clint Hurdle - “He has a history. There was nothing that surprised us.”
 Clint Hurdle - “He's got a history of having done it, so we can't say we're surprised.”
 Clint Hurdle - “We've seen him in a lot of different uniforms. You hope things work out for him.”
 Clint Hurdle - “Guys that are able to play, we'll get out there and play, and guys that aren't able to play, we'll pray for them and hope they get better.”
 Clint Hurdle - “I think his back got better but also his approach got better. He went into the season with a lot of different challenges. No. 1, he got called out for maybe possible steroid use, which was a big bunch of horse manure thrown out there.”
 Clint Hurdle - “We have as many questions as we do answers. We have in-house candidates.”
 Clint Hurdle - “They were all just fired up and letting it fly last year, which is what you expect out of young kids. Now they're a little bit more focused and not in such a hurry.”
 Clint Hurdle - “If Quintanilla shows up and wins the job, he's going to fill that role. But it's a win-win situation. For him to go to Triple-A for a hundred more at-bats -- I'm sure that's not what he wants to hear -- but I don't think it will hurt him by any means and it could help him.”

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