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 Stewart Iverson - “I'm not here to play games.”
 Allen Iverson - “They are similar, absolutely. We have leads and we give a lead up. It's been happening like this, the same way.”
 Allen Iverson - “We're going to need team efforts, we're going to need each other down the stretch. With 29 games to go, we've got to win more than half of those to give us a better seed in the playoffs. We don't want to settle for the eighth spot. We want to try and get as high as we can.”
 Allen Iverson - “If I had an explanation, I would give it. We just got whipped from beginning to end tonight. During the season, you will have games like this.”
 Allen Iverson - “If I had an explanation, I'd give it. We just got whipped from beginning to end. They did everything right, and we couldn't do anything right.”
 Allen Iverson - “Once they made one breakdown, they left me open, and I got a good look at it.”
 Allen Iverson - “It was a great feeling (to sit out) because I didn't feel good at all, ... I was telling Coach when I was getting ready to go back in that I wasn't feeling that well and he just told me to come back, and fortunately everything worked out fine. I just didn't feel good. I was dizzy out there the whole game. Once I stopped playing at halftime and came back in, I just never felt right. I think I'm coming down with something.”
 Allen Iverson - “Come the fourth quarter, we buckled down and got the stop and made some good plays offensively. Earl, I don't want to call him a backup point guard because he's just as good as many guards in this league.”
 Allen Iverson - “just because you put a guy in a tuxedo, it doesn't mean he's a good guy.”
 Erik Iverson - “He believes we need to reform government spending.”
 Allen Iverson - “Everything that I do, everything that I say is magnified. I didn't think it was going to get out of hand like this.”
 Allen Iverson - “There may be one million people who love me, there may be 10 million people who hate me. What do I do I go to battle for those 1 million people.”
 Allen Iverson - “keep his head up, that it would all work out.”
 Allen Iverson - “It's frustrating, because we wanted to go to the holiday with a win and unfortunately we couldn't do that. We have to get it out of our system, enjoy the holiday, and come back to work.”
 Mark Iverson - “Through the help of local churches service organizations, businesses, and generous individuals, the students and classmates hope to raise 30,000 by March 1.”
 Allen Iverson - “His spirit was up, but I dont know how much it could be. It was just rough, because I love him as a person and a teammate. I just hope he does whats best for him.”
 Allen Iverson - “We know that team was 0-6 and just for those guys to come in here and get a win would have been devastating to us. Our whole thing was to not let them get their first win on us in our house.”
 Allen Iverson - “I know I am healthy enough to go out there and not hurt my teammates.”
 Allen Iverson - “If we don't have Willie it's going to hurt us. But we have so many guys ready to step up.”
 Stewart Iverson - “The information is the important part. It gives us some idea of what needs to be talked about with our (caucus) members. . . . I am not sure I would say we got all of the information we need.”
 Jessica Iverson - “While 30 million is a lot of money for most people, we just don't see as much interest now until those jackpots get higher than they ever have been before.”
 Jessica Iverson - “While 30 million is a lot of money for most people, we don't see as much interest now until those jackpots get higher than they ever have before. To the person who doesn't regularly play the lottery, they might not even know that it's getting up there.”
 Ethan Iverson - “I think the jazz musicians have had less problems than people who feel jazz should be just one thing.”
 Allen Iverson - “We should because when coaches get fired, the players have a lot to do with it.”
 Allen Iverson - “This is the thing you dream about when you're a kid, even before getting into the league.”

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