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 Tom Izzo - “I told them in the huddle that we played Gonzaga and Arizona we played all those overtime games and we've earned the right to win the game. They looked back at me and said, 'Damn right we did.”
 Tom Izzo - “Shannon Brown does have a knack for rising to the occasion in big games. He kind of thrives on the pressure. When I told him he had to take over a little bit, he did it in such a controlled way - even with that dunk he had, one of the best I've ever seen here.”
 Tom Izzo - “We've got a good enough team to win the next six games and we've got a good enough team to lose the next six games and I think a lot of teams are in that boat in this league.”
 Tom Izzo - “Sometimes I see things he can do, and I do shake my head. He's very, very athletic for a big kid and he's a very intelligent player. But when you start your career, you can get labeled, whether you're labeled soft or whatever. I've been hard on him, but in the big games, he has shined.”
 Tom Izzo - “It's going to be sad to see some seniors go that have done a lot of things for us, won a lot of games.”
 Tom Izzo - “We played pretty well in both Illinois games and he just made some plays. Tonight, we found a way to clamp down a little bit more. Defensively, we didn't really give him a single look.”
 Tom Izzo - “We didn't get beat by some chopped-liver team. I mean, don't kid yourself They're going to win a lot of games -- a lot of games.”
 Tom Izzo - “Whenever you lose a few games, especially when you have a pretty good team, you're concerned about how fast things can slide.”
 Tom Izzo - “I feel all of the responsibility for that. I did not get as much out of these guys as they had to give.”
 Joe Loizzo - “We can't give a good team that many opportunities. We're not too far off.”
 Tom Izzo - “You do have to have good teams, let's not kid ourselves. And I think Bruce Weber has done a phenomenal job there.”
 Tom Izzo - “I think it's a shame, as good as our league is.”
 Tom Izzo - “We have not had three guys as prolific as those three. They've been pretty special, and they're good guys that are going to graduate, making them the total package.”
 Tom Izzo - “Now that we've got our lineup straightened out the last month, our rotation may be similar to some of our real good teams, ... We're not as good defensively, we're not as good a rebounding team, but we're a much better shooting team. It's different, but it's got some similarities in areas that are key to winning championships.”
 Tom Izzo - “We did a pretty good job on a lot of guys, just free throws, free throws, free throws.”
 Tom Izzo - “I appreciate Matt getting physical and not losing his cool. I don't know if I would have done as good a job as he did.”
 Tom Izzo - “It sure feel good to be home. I can't tell you how much that helped some of our players.”
 Tom Izzo - “He is a good kid.”
 Tom Izzo - “I don't feel great about it because destiny's not in our total hands. But I feel good that we're going to be difference-makers.”
 Tom Izzo - “We didn't execute as well in the last three minutes. We were shooting almost 50 against a good team, we just couldn't get it done down the stretch.”
 Tom Izzo - “I think that was a great sign. Maurice looked like he wanted the ball. He took pretty good shots he was confident. He exploded with the ball on one drive, it was unbelievable. ... Maurice Ager played like the All-American player he is.”
 Tom Izzo - “I think he's done some good things. He made a couple great passes, then he made a couple bad ones, but he's getting better.”
 Tom Izzo - “If there's one area I'm probably not very good at it, it's taking the foot off the throttle. I'm gonna do that a little bit. We just have to get them fresh again.”
 Tom Izzo - “I've never had a real good team have so little depth. Strategically I don't know what you can do.”
 Tom Izzo - “This is still a very good Indiana team. They can do well in the Big Ten tournament and be a NCAA tourney team.”

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