My Favorite Quotes
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 Jack Straw - “are here for the long-term to see Iraq through to a better future.”
 Jack Straw - “This is of fundamental importance in ensuring that Gaza does not in the future stay as a prison, it opens up economic and social relations,”
 Jack Straw - “pledged every assistance from the Iraqi government.”
 Jack Straw - “He has pledged every assistance from the Iraqi government,”
 Jack Straw - “I would have preferred it if the government of Turkey had not felt it necessary to issue its declaration... by doing so the process has frankly been made more difficult,”
 Jack Straw - “We had a very thorough exchange of the different positions of the EU-3 and the new government of Iran,”
 Jack Straw - “that have reportedly left thousands of the most vulnerable homeless and destitute and called on the government to abide by the rule of law and respect for human rights.”
 Jack Straw - “The people who will finally decide will not be the British Government or the Spanish Government, but the people of Gibraltar in a referendum, ... That was a solemn undertaking given in 1969 to the people of Gibraltar. We absolutely stand by it.”
 Jack Straw - “If the situation in Zimbabwe continues to deteriorate, Britain will argue for Zimbabwe's suspension from the Commonwealth at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in March.”
 Jack Straw - “yet another example of terrorists' cynical and callous disregard for human life. On behalf of the British government, I would like to offer the people of India my support and deepest sympathy.”
 Jack Straw - “I find it extraordinary that without even proper consideration, the French government has decided it will reject these proposals.”
 Jack Straw - “The situation is grave, ... We have all worked hard to support the legitimate prime minister.”
 Jack Straw - “We have just made history,”
 Jack Straw - “We have just made history, ... We've had the first ministerial meeting on the opening of accession negotiations.”
 Jack Straw - “We hope British citizens will follow it, but we have no way of obliging British citizens to do so,”
 Jack Straw - “I'm not going to anticipate the outcome of the discussions. I hope they will be successful,”
 Jack Straw - “I hope, but I can't predict, that the negotiations at the beginning of next week will be fruitful,”
 Jack Straw - “While the Taliban connives with foreign terrorists, the Afghan people suffer from poverty, drought and hunger,”
 Jack Straw - “We continue to argue with our European colleagues about the importance of fairness when it comes to compensation and transitional regimes for sugar and for bananas and for other commodities . . . .”
 Jack Straw - “It is impossible to say for certain.”
 Jack Straw - “That is the evidence. We look to the Iranians to desist from anything that they have been involved in the past, and also to use their very considerable influence with Hezbollah to ensure that this continued use of Hezbollah technology stops in Iraq,”
 Jack Straw - “What is important is that the region, the people of Serbia, now draw a line across Milosevic's past and his life, which was a malign influence on the people of Serbia and the whole region.”
 Jack Straw - “This was a despicable assault on innocent civilians attending a religious ceremony at the local mosque. The depravity of the individuals responsible knows no bounds.”
 Jack Straw - “Whether or not technically they have rights under the Geneva Conventions, they have rights in customary international law, and all of us who are either involved as their representatives as their governments or those holding them have obligations.”
 Jack Straw - “That obviously includes France, Germany, and Italy, who are offering forces as part of this coalition and all the other member states as well.”

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