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 Jaromir Jagr - “In order to win games, your top line has to score. Some nights, it works for us, and tonight was one of those nights.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “It's not a good situation that we are in. Everybody knows how important these next four games are. It might be our season.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “Everybody says your health is the most important thing, and he's a perfect example. If he would have been healthy, he would break a lot of records. Maybe not all of them, but I'm pretty sure a lot of them. He was the best player I've ever seen. He was the most gifted at everything - size, strength, skill, how smart he was. There is no other player like him.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “If you want to hear I give up, no, I didn't. I still believe, and I'm always going to believe until it's done. You never know, it's a strange game.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “I said I didn't touch it and it wasn't my goal. Can you imagine if they would give it to me and after the game you guys would ask me the stupid questions over and over and over forever”
 Jaromir Jagr - “We've had such a great year and we don't want to give it away. Why It just happened. We're not happy with the way we played. We have to play better in the playoffs and we have two games to go to get us there.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “We've got two games to go. We know what we have to do. We've had such a good year. We just don't want to give it away.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “I feel like our power play was doing the job. We scored a lot of goals on the power play.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “Its tough to be down (in the series), I can't really describe how it feels. We are almost done and we are unable to score any goals.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “We've got nothing to lose. We're almost dead. I said that if I could play, I was going to play. I didn't help much. Somehow we have to score goals.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “I always had more assists than goals, ... It's just this year I look like a goal scorer.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “We don't score many goals. Of course, I'm frustrated. Who wouldn't be You don't want to lose three straight at home. And you've got a tough schedule coming up to. I'm more upset than frustrated.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “Monday night, we weren't thinking. Tonight, the two goals they scored were not because of mental breakdowns. They were goals that just happened.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “When you're down two goals to Ottawa, it's different than down two goals to the Islanders. I respect every team in the NHL. But I think there's a difference between the Islanders and Ottawa right now.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “I was lucky again, and you have to be lucky in this tournament. It was good to score because you never know what will happen in the final three minutes.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “I don't think they played their best. We as a team played a good hockey game.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “You can't win with one goal. That's the bottom line. The way we played was not good.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “He won the Cup here. Once you do that, your place in history has to be guaranteed.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “I did what I had to do. Play as hard as I can until the last minute. I knew we weren't going to win the hockey game ... It might be a long series. Every shift can mean a lot later on.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “We need to get it right or it's going to be even harder to win hockey games later on. If you want to be good in this league and compete for the playoffs, you need to be good on home ice. We weren't able to do it the last two games.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “Jaromir Jagr, from the Czech Republic, said that beyond the team-building, he had a better understanding of a soldier's life. It was tough, ... One thing you learn These guys are fighting for their lives. Hockey is nothing compared to that.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “It's always great to play your best hockey before the playoffs. They're hot, but it has to stop somewhere.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “Of course it's nice to be in first, but there's 30 games to go. To be honest with you, I'm not upset.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “It's a big honor for me. I'm glad I did it in the first period. ... We need the points. We want to stay in first in the division.”
 Jaromir Jagr - “It's a big honor. Just look at all the players that played for the New York Rangers. Obviously, it's a big honor for me.”

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