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 James Park - “The markets should have held on to gains after the jobs report, ... What we're seeing is definitely a reaction to the terror threat level being raised.”
 James Park - “It's kind of a holiday snoozer, ... All of the big players have locked in their gains for this year. It's just going to be quiet with exaggerated movements because of low volume this week.”
 James Park - “The market was under pressure for most of President Bush's speech. Once that was over, tech led a rebound on gains for Intel and a turnaround in shares of Oracle.”
 James Park - “The market reacted to lower oil prices. We're going to be more based on interest rates and commodity prices for a while. There was less volatility, and trading was more uniform today.”
 James Park - “The market is finally reacting to commodity prices. The weakness on the long end of the curve is contributing to the weakness too. We've been holding strong for this week, but everything is in a negative light today. There's a little more volatility because it's options expiration.”
 James Park - “With options expiration today, there was not as much volatility as we had expected. We were in range-bound trading.”
 James Park - “Today is a very directionless market, ... It is really quiet. There's not much going on.”
 James Park - “I hope New Year's in Times Square is louder than the market is today. Although we're starting to see the market hit different levels, we haven't had the volume to keep up. A lot of positions have already been closed out.”
 James Park - “The October jobs report is one we're looking at, especially after the claims report today, ... It could be more significant in which way the Fed will go next time.”
 James Park - “The numbers were nothing too special, it wasn't the most optimistic reading, ... We're just seeing a lot of resilience today. Some people are coming back in and buying on the new quarter.”
 James Park - “I never, ever, ever write with a red pen -- red signifies losses, ... I also keep my desk completely organized. I feel the more organized I am, the better my stocks trade.”
 James Park - “I think there's a little bit of optimism here today -- you can take one eye off Iraq and start to focus more on the economy and earnings,”
 James Park - “Today goes to show that the market needed a catalyst to get it going. Volume on the sell-side has been high. Everything is normal and not rapid, which is a good sign, but the numbers speak for themselves. When you combine everything we dealt with today it makes sense we're at these levels.”
 James Park - “A lot of people are closing out positions before the weekend, with negative news escalating all over the place. After the nice move coming out of the year-end, this is a little more aggressive than usual. We need to be concerned with commodity prices and interest rates, too.”
 James Park - “Earnings have been lackluster, guidance has been disappointing and the economic news we've just had, has raised inflationary fears.”
 James Park - “I just see a lot of listless trading into the end of the summer -- there isn't much conviction,”
 James Park - “I think the weather is going to be a big concern, ... The markets are definitely continuing their rally, but volume is extremely light. Liquidity is more of an issue.”
 James Park - “I think we're just buying off weakness, ... A lot of the gains we're seeing are related to index-related buying. People are bargain-hunting and taking advantage of the momentum.”