My Favorite Quotes
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 James Sung - “Absolutely no winners have emerged from this. All sides have been damaged - the democrats, the government, Beijing and Hong Kong society in general.”
 James Sung - “A relatively more acute awareness of practical gains and losses, a more worldly mentality and a relatively weaker nationalism are part of Hong Kong culture.”
 James Sung - “And he can help communicate with these institutions for cooperation in relation to financial matters.”
 James Sung - “Now that China has joined the World Trade Organization, it steps onto the world stage more frequently. Once you participate in this platform, others can also influence you.”
 James Sung - “China may not view it (Disney) as a cancer, but it won't accept it that easily.”
 James Sung - “The upgrade is based on the company's demonstrated ability, as reflected in improved operating performance and capitalization, to successfully operate in the challenging New York State regional market.”