My Favorite Quotes
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 Jane Arraf - “This is definitely an embarrassment for the Turkish Government”
 Jane Arraf - “It's history being made. More than that, I don't think you can send 140,000 soldiers out there, young guys from Kansas and Alabama and all over the place, and not take some of the same risks that you're asking them to take.”
 Jane Arraf - “Dozens of tanks, Bradley fighting vehicles and Apache helicopters have moved in to a neighborhood in the town which is thought to be a stronghold of insurgents.”
 Jane Arraf - “When you think of it, here they are putting on trial somebody that they believe has committed some of the worst crimes in history,”
 Jane Arraf - “Iraqi politicians could be struggling with this, and likely will be, in one form or another for years,”
 Jane Arraf - “Anytime they can point to something concrete, something that's happening, it helps them refute all the allegations, all the daily news that comes in on the ongoing violence and the more-structural problems,”
 Jane Arraf - “Stability has been a concern here, but there is nothing to indicate any instability -- certainly there has been political chaos.”
 Jane Arraf - “It is a very volatile situation, one that has been going on for a month and will not go away. The U.S. has made it pretty clear they will react with overwhelming force if they feel threatened.”
 Jane Arraf - “Clearly, this a traumatic event of this holy day that this attack took place.”
 Jane Arraf - “It's one of the things that the Marines and the Army feel they're lacking right now, particularly the Marines, which have very few women in those roles.”
 Jane Arraf - “You could really have divisions in the country that are made deeper by the ambiguity of the constitution.”