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 Jason LaRue - “It's been the same. What he did tonight was exactly what he's been doing in all the simulated games he's thrown.”
 Jason LaRue - “During that good stretch last year, he showed that he could keep the ball down and throw his off-speed pitches behind in the count. It's an ongoing process, but I'm confident he'll do all the things necessary to take that next step this season.”
 Jason LaRue - “Yeah, I saw it a few times last year. The start before the All-Star break, he didn't get the win or anything, but that's when he started to turn it around. That's what we should expect from him. I always knew it was there.”
 Jason LaRue - “It seemed like he's done it a lot of times. It might have only been 10 throws, 15 throws, but he warmed up pretty fast and he was ready. He was ready a long time before we went out.”
 Jason LaRue - “It went pretty good. The main thing here is to see what happens tomorrow, to see if it swells up. The only thing I'm battling now is the swelling.”
 Jason LaRue - “I'm ready to play right now. I said I'm ready, and that means I'm ready to play every day. ... As far as I know, I'm the starting catcher and I'll get the amount of playing time that I've had the last three years, and that's what I expect.”
 Jason LaRue - “I played with the guy for parts of eight years. He's one of my closest friends I played with. It's a little strange seeing him on the other side.”
 Jason LaRue - “Basically, all of the pain and everything is gone. It's just dealing with the swelling and trying to get it out of there from the surgery. The only thing that the swelling hinders is just range of motion. As of right now, I almost have full range of motion.”
 Jason LaRue - “Everything is as expected. There's no pain, but we still have to get the swelling out so I can squat.”
 Jason LaRue - “Dukes of Hazzard. I watch it every night.”
 Jason LaRue - “I knew it didn't catch him square but obviously, it still doesn't matter. When you get hit in the head, it's a scary moment.”
 Jason LaRue - “I'm hoping to make Opening Day. They said basically 10 days would be a normal person, and I'm hoping to make it in seven. That's obviously if we have no setbacks or anything like that.”
 Jason LaRue - “He's one of the best pitchers in the game. Every time he's out there, he doesn't make too many mistakes and tonight he didn't make too many mistakes. Sometimes you just have to tip your cap when you go up against some pitchers.”
 Jason LaRue - “Our ballpark is obviously a launching pad. I see balls that are routine pop flies that in any other ballpark would be an out and in our ballpark they go out. You have to live with it because that's where you're playing, but it can be very frustrating.”
 Jason LaRue - “There should be no doubt that I'll be ready. Everything is coming along fine.”
 Jason LaRue - “It says a lot about our owner. The doctor said if you're even thinking about making Opening Day, we have to get it done today and get back down here and get aggressive with the rehab. ... It's the way to travel if you can do it.”
 Jason LaRue - “We talked about it they didn't make the decision on their own. I'm not going to be able to go (today), so if I'm not ready to go, it will only hurt the team. It's a day-to-day process. It's gotten better every single day.”
 Jason LaRue - “It seemed like he was a normal person, he was a down-to-earth person. I don't think it mattered who it was, he could have a casual conversation with just about anybody.”
 Jason LaRue - “He had some control problems and didn't keep the ball down. The main thing was he got behind in the count.”
 Jason LaRue - “I wanted some sort of a commitment instead of just playing this year and becoming a free agent next year. They stepped up and they did the right thing.”
 Jason LaRue - “I try to play the game the right way, or the old way, as I consider it. I'll just go and take care of business and try to be a leader like (Sean) Casey was.”