My Favorite Quotes
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 Jason Young - “We felt all three were sectional-caliber opponents and, obviously, Northwest is in our sectional. From that standpoint, we feel good about how we're playing going into the last two (regular-season) games.”
 Jason Young - “Some coaches have different philosophies. But I'd much rather have to win two games than three games to win the sectional.”
 Jason Young - “We came back and did just enough to win. We showed good poise out there.”
 Jason Young - “The medication actually helps the person to talk. It's not necessarily that the person's situation is worse or better.”
 Jason Young - “Online properties are moving into the traditional world and you will probably see a lot more of it over the next few years,”
 Jason Young - “In my opinion, he's the best post player in the sectional. He really hurt us the first two games. We tried to provide a little help the second time in the County that allowed their shooters to knock down shots for them. We'll have to mix some things up defensively to keep the ball out of his hands.”
 Jason Young - “In general, our stance is that the greatest threat to a depressed person is to receive no treatment at all.”
 Jason Young - “As much as they depend on the Mill House, the Mill House depends on them. That's a very powerful thing.”
 Jason Young - “Survivors have a multitude of cognitive difficulties, behavioral difficulties and some physical difficulties as well. The medical community helps them recover physically, but cognitive and emotional recovery is not what they do.”
 Jason Young - “It was and remains the right thing to do. It's a common sense approach to protecting families and children.”
 Jason Young - “It was a gutsy effort. As I've said, I think the home-court advantage in basketball is more of an advantage than in any other sport.”
 Jason Young - “A service like www.concerttickets.com is greatly needed. It can be challenging for the average person to know if a ticket is real or fake. By using this service and a credit card with a licensed ticket broker you are significantly more safe and secure in purchasing tickets in the secondary marketplace.”
 Jason Young - “It's more than just whether there's snow or not. We don't want to be out here during a storm or in slushy conditions. There are a lot of variables to consider, it's best if people call ahead before coming out.”
 Jason Young - “We're absolutely focused completely on Spanish Fork. If you get caught looking too far ahead then you don't get far ahead. The bigger picture takes care of itself.”
 Jason Young - “We have a number of traditional commercial lists for the rental market, but we also look at those names and the information associated with them as a tremendous database asset that's more synergistically tied to advertising. When this database enhances the leads we provide to advertisers, its value is much, much greater than it is as a revenue source for renting names.”
 Jason Young - “We were one bad quarter or a couple of possessions away from winning the conference outright. It's been a great year. I think we got a lot of support from the student body, the administration and the staff. We're excited about the future, but we're disappointed right now.”
 Jason Young - “When you have the ability to view marketing activities collectively, you can see how these touch points combine to achieve objectives.”