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 Javier Solana - “We have to stop leaders who are not prepared to look to the future, who continue to look to the past, who are not prepared to look to the 21st century and continue to do terrible things to their people,”
 Javier Solana - “We have to see what is the response that the Iranians give us.”
 Javier Solana - “We hope very much from the Iranian side some movement will take place before that date. If nothing happens, the Iranian government should know what may happen on March 6.”
 Javier Solana - “The government of Sudan should not have anything against the UN.”
 Javier Solana - “the centre of gravity should be the United Nations.”
 Javier Solana - “We think it is part of history, this embargo.”
 Javier Solana - “Without honest political dialogue it will be difficult to overcome the present situation. Therefore our aim is to ... help the development of that political dialogue.”
 Javier Solana - “We must continue to do the utmost to avoid war in Macedonia. This is a crucial week ... We hope we will be able to resolve these constitutional difficulties.”
 Javier Solana - “I hope that will not be necessary,”
 Javier Solana - “We hope very much from the Iranian side some movement takes place before that date.”
 Javier Solana - “The EU needs to ensure that the delivery of humanitarian and reconstruction aid comes closer to matching the expectations of the people of the regions.”
 Javier Solana - “Steps are urgently needed to improve the visibility, impact and effectiveness”
 Javier Solana - “We have to be careful in dealing with the information we have so far as negotiations are still ongoing.”
 Javier Solana - “to enter into a dialogue of mutual interest before the end of July.”
 Javier Solana - “They have taken decisions that were absolutely incompatible with the commitments that they have made with the international agency and also to us.”
 Javier Solana - “Aggression against life and property can only damage the image of a peaceful Islam.”
 Javier Solana - “You have started your journey and if everything turns out fine, you can end up in Brussels.”
 Javier Solana - “Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic is losing and he knows he is losing, ... NATO is united. You have justice and right on our side, and we will prevail.”
 Javier Solana - “I would like to repeat it the respect for the people that belong to this land is total. The respect to any religion is total.”
 Javier Solana - “We are analyzing the letter and we will see what is new in the letter. We will respond. We don't want to go any further at this point.”
 Javier Solana - “We have received the letter and we will now analyze it. We will see what is new and we will respond. We cannot say much more now and we have not seen much new but it is complicated to analyze,”
 Javier Solana - “That is the time in which they have to clarify all these things. If we have not got any sign that they move in that direction it will be very difficult.”
 Javier Solana - “There is no other time considered.”
 Javier Solana - “The EU will be able to carry out the whole range of (these) tasks by 2003, albeit with possible restrictions in terms of scale and deployment time and perhaps a higher level of risk,”
 Javier Solana - “We still have time to continue work.”

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