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 Jeff Adrien - “We've just got to get better by using these games. Personally, me, yeah, I want to get those big games. I liked those games in Maui. I'm still going to play hard against Quinnipiac, but next week we start a bigger, real-deal season.”
 Jeff Adrien - “I was just battling. The last couple of games I wasn't battling and I kept thinking about it. All I wanted to do was play like it might be the last game of the year and that's what I tried to do.”
 Jeff Adrien - “It was real hard to just get it going. We tried to get on the glass and we kind of got beat up down there. Next time we have to come out tougher and we're really going to be ready. ... We're going to be hungry. We're not going to let that happen again, especially to them.”
 Jeff Adrien - “I think its a lack of focus. We focus for a couple minutes, whatever, we get the job done for that period of time, then we just lose focus.”
 Jeff Adrien - “We were kind of playing like that the whole tournament. Rashad saved us last game and Denham saved us today. It was a matter of time for us to break out, but we just didn't do it. We haven't been able to put teams away.”
 Jeff Adrien - “This game was really a big game for us, a statement. They got real happy after that first win and we had to shut their mouths. Today we had to go out there and show them we're not what they think we are. We are men out there.”
 Jeff Adrien - “That was the first thing I said when I got back in the locker room, I can't wait until Monday. It's a big game, national TV.”
 Jeff Adrien - “It's in the back of my head now No more stupid elbows, just walk away. But you're still going to have to stay aggressive if you want to play.”
 Jeff Adrien - “It's definitely helpful. It brings us back down to earth. We're going to work on the things we messed up, and that's basically it. I had the feeling when we led by 12. I don't know if everybody else had a killer instinct. We all made mistakes. It was not one person or anything like that. But we have to really learn how to put those teams away when we're up.”
 Jeff Adrien - “There's only one team a year that goes out the way they want to go out. We didn't go out the way we wanted to go out this year, but the seniors were great. They were great leaders. I'm going to miss all that. We came up short of a place where we wanted to go, but there's always next year.”
 Jeff Adrien - “The Syracuse loss really affected me. And I don't like that feeling.”
 Jeff Adrien - “The end of the season is coming up, we're starting to see it. We really have got to start putting the pieces together. ... We should have put Indiana away 10 minutes into the second half. We just have to stay focused and go out there and play hard for all 40 minutes.”
 Jeff Adrien - “We've got to be hungry. We're not going to let that happen again, not to Villanova especially. We're trying to do something here. We're trying to win the Big East regular season and the tournament. One loss, it is a big thing. ... We're just going to have to go out there and beat everybody else we play.”
 Jeff Adrien - “Josh is kind of quiet. But what he does on the court is very loud.”
 Jeff Adrien - “We played down to our competition but they were really good, too. They had something to do with it. I give them credit. They play really good defense. Basically, we have to start realizing that we can't keep doing this - even though they never took the lead.”
 Jeff Adrien - “It really felt like it was the last game of the year. The Syracuse loss really affected me. I don't like that feeling. There's only one way out and that's give every limb of your body you've got.”
 Jeff Adrien - “During basketball, people get elbowed. I get elbowed in practice. It was nothing intentional. It's all in coach's hands. I guess they might appeal.”
 Jeff Adrien - “It wasn't intentional or anything like that. I was just playing basketball.”
 Jeff Adrien - “That loss at Marquette was just a bad loss for us. We came back on the road at Syracuse. This was a statement game for us. We just went out there and played basketball and made a statement. The statement was that we're here and we're here to stay. We're not pushovers. We're not little boys. We're men out there.”
 Jeff Adrien - “I didn't even know what was going on afterward. I guess he was trying to throw a punch. I didn't fight. I wasn't attacking anyone. During basketball people get elbowed - I got elbowed in practice. It was nothing intentional.”